A Phone Stole My Heart?

Young Amy Jason starts getting weird texts from this person that's knows more than she knows herself. Stalker is all she thinks but is it true?


1. One text changes everything


My life was normal great even, good grades, two bestfriends, but no boyfriend (which is perfectly fine!). Wait its the first day of my freshman year I didn't have any grades or bestfriends right now all I had was my friend that I barely talk to now in the backseat of my mom's car that was driving to our highschool. I awkwardly moved around sighing my mom glanced at me and I shrugged my, friend no.... The girl in the back seat was playing her phone boredly and I rolled my eyes getting out of the car getting my shoulder bag and I waved to my mom bye my friend looking at me and I sighed.

"You can go ok" I snapped and she stared at me shocked then sadly.

"Amy, I am sorry I was harsh"  she said and I shrugged walking to the cafeteria noticing I shrug way to much. My best friend in the whole wide world Ashley looked over at me and gasped. Let me tell you why she is freaked out,  when we were in middle school I was chubby and short but in the summer in 8th grade I changed a lot I got skinny and grew in height to be 5'4  so she is totally freaked out.

"Amy, oh my gosh! You changed so much you look great" she said hugging him she was 5'8 (lucky) so I had to look up to see her face. I still wore my nerd glasses that I got in 7th grade and they still fix me perfectly which I loved.  I thought for a moment then it hit me my 7th grade crush a guy named Jared, I made a bet that I would bring him a coke on the first day of school I had the coke just not the location. I pulled my phone out calling him my heart pounding how can I still have feeling for this guy.

"Hello" a deep voice answered I had a mini heart attack my Ashley slapped me out of it literally my shoulder is aching right now.

"Jared?" I asked my heart pounded faster gosh I was so nervous.

"Yes" he had no clue wow all that nervousness just vanished.

"This is Amy, Amy Jason" I mumbled and it went quite.

"Amy? Hey wow you sound really different whats up?"

"Remember that bet we made in 7th grade?" I asked and I heard him chuckle.

"Of course were do you want to meet"

"Library!" I sang happily and he laughed.

"Meet you there" he said hanging up and I looked at Ashley and we squealed before we both rushed to the library I looked around before a book caught my eye and I rushed to it grabbing. I opened it reading the first page before reading more I didn't stop reading until there was a tap on my shoulder and I looked up my eyes widen. A gorgeous guy was standing be hide me he was taller than me by two inches with shaggy brown hair, and deep brown eyes, and tan paleish skin. He flashed me a smile before looking at me again.

"Wow Amy, you changed a lot you are not the same" she mumbled his eyes looking over my body and I felt now very uncomfortable .

"Here is your coke" I said handing it to him before walking away to the librarian  smiling at the old women who smiled happily back. I typed my number in and she checked it out to me and I relaxed holding the book to my chest. I looked at Jared waved before walking out leaving my bestfriend and my crush confused.

My phone vibrated and I looked down at the text.

Its great seeing you again I hope it can be different

That was a text from an unknown number I looked at Jared but he didn't have his phone out the bell rang and I shoved my phone in my pocket the only thing going through my head was Stalker.

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