A Phone Stole My Heart?

Young Amy Jason starts getting weird texts from this person that's knows more than she knows herself. Stalker is all she thinks but is it true?


2. Look who crashed the new year

The screaming girls that raced to the cafeteria confused myself and Ashley as we watched I glanced at her and she shrugged.

"Want to check it out or just go to class?" I asked and she smiled as she thought. Then we both looked at each other.

"Class" we said in an union we had all classes together but one because she had GT instead of reading.  We walked to math tried to keep through the thick roaring crowd of girls.

"How do we have so many girls?" I shouted over the screams and Ashley shrugged helping me get through. Right when we turned the corner it was quite and empty.

"What just happened?" I asked looking around entering the classroom Ashley at my heels.

"Tell me why you walked out on Jared. I mean like he was so shocked he looked at me and I ran out. What are you going to tell him in orchestra??" She asked and I looked at her confused and she sighed rolling her eyes.

"He has fourth period Orchestra with us" she said and  I gave her an awe look and she chuckled sitting down next to me.

"So who do you think caused the screaming girls" she asked and I raised up five figures.

"1D, it was on the school webpage " and she nodded her head, we like their music but why fan girl over someone you don't know. We waited for classes to start because the bell rang and the teacher was there I raised my hand and she looked over at me and nodded.

"Is class going to start?" I asked and Ashley smirked and the Teacher sighed.

"We are waiting for the other students." she said nervously and I looked around there was only Ashley and I this was very weird my phone rang and I looked at it my eyes widening.

You look nice today, if only you knew who I am

The text was from the same unknown number my cheeks turned red and I looked up to see Ashley staring at me.

"What?" I asked putting my phone back in my pocket.

"Who was that?" she asked raising an eyebrow and I thought of a name quickly.

"His name is Spencer" I said shrugging not knowing if the stalker was a boy or girl.

"Oh cool!!" she said dropping the subject when 5 guys walked in laughing and talking loudly smiling at the teacher who blushed. I gave Ashley a look and she shrugged.

"We shrug to much I think you got that from me"  I noticed and she laughed and I nodded smiling. We continued laughing until the teacher cleared her throat and we looked up.

"These are the other classmates" she said proudly and Ashley and I burst out laughing that I fell out my chair and Ashley laughed harder.

"Excuse me" The one with amazing black hair and blond highlights, said in a British accent and I pulled my self together.

"Sorry lads, I didn't mean to be rude" I copied their accent and Ashley laughed.

"Just kidding sorry, welcome to America" I said and my phone rang and I looked down at it.

You are funny really

Another text, I looked up and they all were on their phones ignoring me I looked out the door window but there was no one, what was going on?

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