A Phone Stole My Heart?

Young Amy Jason starts getting weird texts from this person that's knows more than she knows herself. Stalker is all she thinks but is it true?


3. Awkward...

After Ashley and I's laughing fit we welcomed them to the high school and the teacher scowled us and we shut our mouths awkwardly. The five British boys were gorgeous but the one that catch my eye even more is the one with a shaved head I smiled and he flashed me a gorgeous smile back. My heart pounded and I looked at the teacher who called on (who I think is) Liam. His cheeks turned pink slightly.

"Um, can you please repeat the question" he muttered and the teacher sighed repeating the math question. I chuckled going back on my phone looking at the stalker's text I named him LJ just for fun. the bell rang the teacher muttered something under her breath and the One Direction gang slowly left and Ashley and I walked out.

"Hey wait!" Liam called rushing over to me and Ashley walked faster leaving me alone with Liam. Ditcher! I screamed in my head and looked at Liam giving him a small smile.

"So how can I help you out Brit" I asked and he glared at me and I laughed. Liam mouth turned into a huge grin but it faded as I stopped.

"what are you doing?" he asked confused.

"My class is here" I said and I grabbed his schedule looking isn't that funny he has the same class to.

"Looks like your here to brit, come on you can sit we me and Ashley" and I walked over to Ashley and I sat down and Liam followed, Ashley raised an eyebrow then she started to text me.

Ash- What is he doing here??

Me-What? He is new, he can't sit with us??

Ash-You soo like him!! What about Jared?

Me-I don't know yet calm down...

Ash- Fine, I will play Wingman or wing girl XD


I chuckled and Everyone was staring at me and I put my phone down shrugging. Ashley smirked at me and Liam covered his laugh with a small cough. The Teacher began History class and my phone buzzed and I tensed I looked at the text.

Come on kitty answer the question

It was the LJ's text.

I looked at the Teacher then the board What happened in 1812 wow easy! I thought

"What happen was the creation of the Law of 1812" I answered and the teacher nodded.

"True very true..." but I zooned out looking at my phone then at Liam who had my phone putting his number in it.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Saying you" he said, giving my phone back and he sort of ignored me the rest of the day which really confused me.

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