Things happen for a reason

Nicki sanders is just a depressed 17 year old girl. That is, until she meets one direction. Is it possible to be in love with more than one guy? But with her past, will she ever trust anyone with her heart? I guess too find out you'd have to read :)


7. Chapter 6•

A/n hey guys!! I wrote this a few days ago and today I was going to write another but I realized chapter 6 never uploaded so sorry about that!! <3


nickis p.o.v. 

After all the Dating drama, we decided to watch a movie. Liam started yelling "Toy Story" while everyone else complained about seeing it about 20 times that week. While thy were arguing about wht to watch I went into the kitchen. I was looking for food, specifically mangos that I had Louis buy me. I finally spotted them on the top shelf of the closet. By closet I mean where usually people keep cereal or dry snacks. I started to reach for it and as you know, I'm pretty short. I tried to stretch myself but there was no difference. I decided to step on the lower shelf and get the mango. As I was doing that the whole box of mangos started falling. I tried to push it back but it didn't work and I fell backwards. I landed on my ass with a thud. When I looked up the mangos were about to fall. I probably wouldn't be able to stop it so I put my hands in front of my face for defense and squeezed my eyes shut. I have no clue why, I guess it's and instinct.. Anyways, I was waiting for it to fall when I heard a Irish accent say " you're safe. Don't worry it's not gonna fall." I looked up to see Niall standing there with the box in his hands.

"thanks Niall." I said as I hugged him. It was weird because I had to leave room for the mangos I between us. "Mangos, huh?" He laughed.

"my favorite fruit!"

"Can you share?" He asked hopeful 

"egh.." I teased. "I guess I can. But I just don't peel them and eat it." I added.

Niall just laughed and said "I'm up for any food right now"

"when are you not!?" I giggled and walked outside the closet thingy. Niall put the mangos on the counter and sat down while watching me.

"are you gonna be starring at me the whole time?" I asked.

"yup. Now get to working! Niall's hungry" he smiled.

I got out to mangos and 2 bowls. I peeled the mangos and put it in the bowls. I turned to Niall, smirked and turned away. I got vinager, salt and lime juice. As gross as it sounds, I put the ingredients together and put half in my bowl and half in Niall's. I mixed it and put a fork in both bowls. I slid the bowl to Niall who had a worried face on. Niall was just sitting there looking at the bowl. I walked over to him and took the fork to try to put it in his bowl but he kept it closed. I laughed to myself as I thought of a plan. When people are shocked or excited some of them tend to open their mouth. So I put my plan to action. I put my face inches away from Niall's and started to bite my lip in a sexual way. I could tell he noticed and because he did, he turned his chair away from me so I was facing his back. I started to whisper his name seductivley and kissed his neck. He was either shocked or excited but he opened his mouth a little. I took my chance and grabbed the fork and shoved a peice of mango into his mouth. If you knew Niall, you would notice that if something was in his mouth already, he was going to eat it do he did. When he turned back around to me he smiled and said "that's actually.. Good" I laughed and responded by kissin his cheek and walking away with my bowl. I say down on the end of the couch next to El. Niall walked in afterwards and made El scot over a little so he could sit next to me. At that moment, everyone looked at Niall and I and Harry asked what we were eating. Niall told him and Harry looked grossed out. His face was Hilarious so I bursts out into a laugh. 

"We should go out to eat!" El sighed.

"Nandos!?" Niall yelled but the guys nodded their head as in "no".

"how about to that fancy one we used to go to?" Harry asked.

"Okay. Ill make the reservation for 9" Liam said. We all nodded and El pulled me into the hallway thing. It was tiny and had  a pretty big closet in the wall. It was basically the whole hallway. The guys decided that el and I could share this room because we had the most clothes. Again, I don't know if they noticed they said share but I didn't argue. 

"What are you gonna wear?" She asked.

"I have no idea." I sighed.

we started looking thought the closet, throwing things around the hallway. El found a black dress after at least 15 minutes of looking. I was surprised. She was fast. Her dress was short, about mid thigh. It was strapless. The top was gold and sparkley until her waist and then it flowed until it stopped. It was really pretty. I kept liking and about 12 minutes after El found hers I gave up and later on the bed in the back of the your bus. Which no one really claimed who slept here. El came back and just shook her was at me. I was impatient, and she knew that. And u really didn't have the patience to look for a dress that was perfect for me so she looked for me. A little while later she yelled at me to "get my perfectly shaped ass over there". I got up and did as she said. When I got there she was holding out a dress. It was beautiful. It was all black. The top was strapless and tight. At my waist it got flowy. It was a high- low dress. And the top had a silver zipper down the chest until the waist. I smiled at el and hugged her as a "thank you" and put it into the room next to el's dress. We both picked out jewelry. She had mainly golden things am I had silver. She picked out black stilettos and I got black heels that were kinda like a ankle boot. El got into the shower first. After she was done I rushed in. I washed my body and hair. Re- brushed my teeth and did a mini facial to minimize any acne. I got out and headed to the actual room, the one on the back of the bus. I locked the door and started getting ready. I blow dried my hair and put it up so it wasn't in my face. I put on mascara,blush, eyeliner, concealer, eyeshadow and Chapstick. My lips looked amazing with just Chapstick. I took off my robe and put on my underwear and strapless bra. Then I put lotion all over my body. I then put on my dress, jewelry, shoes and purse. I looked myself over in the mirror and to be honest I was quite happy wih my appearance. Not to be concieded, but I looked amazing. I re applied some Chapstick and walked out from the room. I walked into the 'living room' where everyone was waiting. When I walked in all their head shot up.

"holy fucking crap.." Harry said looking amazed. I blushed.

"I'm speechless" zayn said. I blushed again.. I need to stop.

"damn! Nicki, you're sexy!" Eleanor laughed. I winked at her.

"I guess you look alright. Not better than me." Louis argued and struck a pose. Then he added "I'm just playing, you are beautiful" I just smiled at him.

"Nicki, you're gorgeous." Niall said.i started blushing again. 

Liam made his way to me and took my hand. "Wow! You're the most beautiful person iv ever seen.. Oh and by the way, she's my fake girlfriend so back off!" He laughed, referring the last part to the rest of the people in the bus. I blushed even harder and looked down. Jeez! I need to learn how to control my blushing. Liam made his way out of the bus with his hand in mine. We did have to act like we were dating.. Everyone else got out and we had to walk a few streets to get there but that's fine with me. A few minutes after we were walking, paparrazies started to add up and soon enough we were in a crowd of cameras taking pictures with flash. Liam's grip on my hand loosened and instead he put his arm around my waist and held my hand with the other. He held me close to him. 

"Who is she?"

"Liam is this your girlfriend?"

"what's her name?"

this is all I heard the while time. I was kinda stunned by the lights so I looked down and blinked repeatedly not knowing if it would help or not. I then felt Liam hold my head into his heat to block out the flashes. We finally made it to the restaurant and we were seated immediately. The seating arrangement was Louis, el and Niall on one side and then on the other was Liam, me, Harry and zayn.

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