Things happen for a reason

Nicki sanders is just a depressed 17 year old girl. That is, until she meets one direction. Is it possible to be in love with more than one guy? But with her past, will she ever trust anyone with her heart? I guess too find out you'd have to read :)


33. Chapter 30•

I walked into the living room to see Harry fighting with some girl. I'm pretty sure it's his girlfriend bitching about me answering his phone. She's way to overdramatic. 
"DON'T LIE TO ME HARRY!" She screamed in his face. The guys were staring at them. Probably thinking of how crazy she is.
"I'm not lying to you! She's a friend! That's it." He sighed like he's explained it many times already.
"We'll why was she sleeping with you?" She tapped her foot on the ground. I started chuckling from the bottom of the stairs. And now the attentions on me. I walked past them and got a bowl of cereal with milk then I walked back to them.
"He's not cheating on you." I said simply.
"Oh really? Obviously you're covering for him." She rolled her eyes.
"Oh no! You caught us. We had very loud and hot sex in front of 4 other people." I said sarcastically.
"You know what, I wasn't talking to you in the first place bitch!" She spat and started tapping her foot again.
I put a spoon of cereal in my mouth and started chewing slowly.
"Is tapping your foot supposed to make me scared? You look like a mom yelling at her child for breaking a glass." I asked amused.
"Take your ugly ass self and walk away, whore!" She smirked.
"Uh I feel so sad." I pouted my lips to piss her off.
"Nice one." I replied fastly.
"Annoying ass crazy bitch!" She said.
"Keep going." I smiled amused and leaned back on the wall, still eating cereal.
She didn't keep going though. She just stood there and glared at me.
"Seriously, keep going. You were on a roll." I chuckled.
"Shut up before I-" she started to say.
"Before. You. What." I put my cereal down and stood straight.
"Callie don't." Harry warned her.
"Shut the fuck up Harry! I'd love to beat her ass." She yelled. But before she could hit me, I punched her nose, pushing it upward slightly. That move causes the nose to break or something. She instantly grabbed her nose and fell to the floor crying, loudly I should add. I sighed and was about to grab my cereal again when Harry grabbed my arm tightly. I turned to see his very angry face.
"WHAT THE FUCK NIKKI!" He yelled in my face.
"She started it." I shrugged, trying not to let the pain of his grip get to me.
"I don't care! What are you, 5? I don't give a fuck who started it! Why would you hit her?" He yelled again.
"Harry, let go of my arm." I said sternly.
"Stop trying to change the subject Nikki! You're jealous huh? That's why you hit her?" He asked sounding sure of it.
"Jealous of what?" I spat.
"Jealous that she has me and you don't." He said.
I started to laugh "Harry, you're not that special."
"Stop acting like you're not jealous. I know you are. You're jealous that Callie has my love." He said loudly.
"Love? Really Harry, you think you love her?" I asked.
"I do love her! It was love at first sight." He 'corrected' me.
"You're 'in love' with her because of her looks. Not personality." I stated.
"No. It was love at first sight because of her being her. Original." He said, tightening his grip.
"Harry it wasn't love at first sight! You love her for the looks." I shook my head at him.
"Oh really? And why is that?" He asked sarcastically.
"Because at the end of the day, all we care about is looks! No one falls in love with your personality at first sight!" I sneered.
"Get out." He said coldly.
"W-what?" I stuttered. He couldn't have just said get out right?
"GET OUT! I WANT YOU TO LEAVE!" He squeezed my arm to the point where I though it would fall off.
"Maybe if." I started to say but had to take a breathe before I start to cry. "Maybe if you let me go, I would."
He looked down at where he was holding me and let go quickly.
Everyone, including me, was looking at Harry's hand mark on my forearm. My arm was pale while his hand mark was very red and visible.
"Nikki, I didn't kno-" Harry was going to apologize but I cut him off. I don't need to be pityed.
"I'm gonna leave." I said. The room was silent.
"Nikki, don't." Liam pleaded.
"It's best. You guys are gonna be much better without me." I replied. You could see I was crying. I made my way upstairs to my room. Sadly, I hit my arm on the way and a shocking pain coursed through it. I groined in pain, grabbing the arm Harry was grabbing and that I have just been hit on.
I grabbed all the money I had and my phone then walked downstairs and out the door. The guys were chasing after me, but I ignored them. I got a cab to the airport and when I arrived I paid the man and got out. To my surprise, paps were everywhere. As soon as one saw me, they all rushed over. I was a crying mess in an airport with a hand mark on my arm. Shit, shit, shit, shit, fuck, damn. Shit! I tried my best to hide my arm and tears, obviously failing. The security helped me the rest of the way in.
"Can I have a ticket to  Manchester, England?" I asked the person who worked here.
"Sure. What time?" She asked nicely. Probably feeling bad of me crying.
"What's the closest flight?" I asked her.
"45 minutes is the next flight to Manchester, England." She informed me.
"I'll take that one." I said.
"Coach or first-class?" She smiled.
"Coach." I answered. First class my ass! With all those rude rich people saying I look bad and judging me? No thanks, ill pass.
I paid her for the ticket and made my way to a Starbucks. I ordered a caramel frappe with whipped cream and one of their breakfast sandwiches. After I ate it all, I had around 20 minutes until the flight so I decided to call El and tell her I'd be visiting.
"Nikki! Oh my god, where are you? The boys and I have been worried sick!" She yelled.
"I'm at the airport." I replied.
"What!? The airport! Where are you going?" She asked.
"To you. I need a friend right now." I replied.
"What time will you be here by? I'll pick you up." She said.
"12ish. I'll text you when I arrive. I have to go though, call you later." I said and hung up. I walked up and down the airport. Staying close to where my plane should show up at any minute. Once it got here, I boarded it and fell asleep.
"Sweetie, we're landing." The old lady next to me told me.
"Okay, thank you." I smiled at her. As soon as I was able to leave the plane I took my phone out to text El. I looked at my arm again in the process though and tears came to my eyes. It's not the fact that I have the mark or anything. But it reminded me of the argument. Then I realized it.. He picked his girlfriend, over me. I started to cry now. I don't know why I have these feeling for him when I like Liam. I feel lost and confused. 
"Nikki?!" I heard someone yell across the airport. I looked up and saw El with a bunch of paparazzi's following behind her. 
"El.." My voice was small an sounded broken. I was in tears, my makeup was a mess, my eyes were red an puffy. I was broken. 
El ran to me as I ran to her. She wrapped me in her arms tightly when I reached her. I started to cry more for some insane reason.
"It's okay sweetie. It's okay." She rubbed circles on my back.
"It's not okay, El. He hates me. He won't ever forgive me. He chose her over me." I cried louder.
"He made a mistake. Everything will be fixed in time." She said.
"I can't be. I'm broken and I can't be fixed." I sobbed. She shushed me and held me tighter. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to avoid the flashes of light by the cameras.
"Let's get home. C'mon." El grabbed my hand and led me to her car. I was still crying, paparazzi's still following, El still amazing. How did I ever get a friend like her? 
She buckled me up like a little kid and did the same for herself when she entered the car. 
"This is my flat." She showed me around once we arrived.
"So sit on the couch and ill get us some tea. Then you tell me every thing." She said. I just nodded and sat down. Once she was finished with the tea, she sat down too.
"Explain." She said.
I explained everything to her. From  my feelings for Liam and Harry. To the mark on my arm. To the fight and finished with how my heart is shattered.
"Aw babes! Come here." She scooted me over. It was early here in England, just 1 in the afternoon.
"I have to be at work. Do you want me to cancel?" She asked.
"No! I'll be fine alone." I assured her.
"Positive?" She asked.
"100%" I told her.
"Okay, I'll be back later.
Call me if anything happens." She told me and left a while later. I looked around her house and decided to just watch tv. I turned it on and surprise, surprise, I was on E! news. I sighed an sat down.
"Liam Payne of One Direction girlfriend, Nikki Sanders has been spotted leaving their flat in tears. She was seen at a airport in England a while later meeting best friend, Eleanor Calder. A source says she has a recording of their conversation when then hugged:
Nikki: "he hates me. He won't ever forgive me. He chose her over me."
Eleanor: "everything will be fixed in time."
Nikki: "I'm broken and I can't be fixed."
What we take from this recording is that Liam Payne has cheated on Nikki Sanders. He must have broken the poor girl's heart. She was crying at the airport. Here's the video." The host said. A video of me in El's arm, crying and saying those stuff were shown.
"Nice." I muttered to myself. I started to hear my phone ring so I figured it was El checking up. Which I also, once again, picked the phone up without looking at the caller ID. Big mistake.
"Nikki!" I heard Louis. What the hell?
"L-Louis?" I stuttered.
"We just saw the video of you! I'm so sorry Nikki. Harry was being stupid, he doesn't hate you!" Louis said.
"Is that her?" I heard in the background. Then I heard some shuffling and Zayn's voice.
"Nikki, don't you ever scare us like that again! I though you died or something! You can't just walk out-" he started to say.
"I was thrown out, Zayn." I corrected him. "Look, I have to go. I uh, I- I love you guys. All of you." I sniffled and hung up. Even though they had the power to tear my heart into pieces, they always found a way to make me love them anyways. I made myself comfortable and went to sleep. Hopefully I won't wake up anytime soon.

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