Things happen for a reason

Nicki sanders is just a depressed 17 year old girl. That is, until she meets one direction. Is it possible to be in love with more than one guy? But with her past, will she ever trust anyone with her heart? I guess too find out you'd have to read :)


30. Chapter 27•

A/n: I'm so mother f-ing sorry for making you wait for an update!!!!!!!! I have no excuse :/
I changed the way of spelling Nickis name because I thought it looked cuter the way I'm spelling it now which is Nikki.
Nikki's P.O.V.
I sat in my car thinking of where to go since it was so early. I then remembered about Kyla, the girl I met at Starbucks before I got shot. I grabbed my phone and called her.
"Hello?" She asked.
"Hey it Nikki, we met at Starbucks the other day.. I was wondering if you'd like to go get drunk with me?" I giggled a little.
"Of course! Why would I ever pass that up?" She laughed.
"Okay, we'll can you send me your address and I'll be there in a few minutes. I don't have a place to go right now." I asked.
"Okay, bye!" She gleefully responded and hung up. When I received her address I plugged it into my gps and made my way to her house. I parked the car and walked out to her door step. She opened the door quickly and smiled huge.
"Nice to see you again!" She exclaimed.
"You too!" I answered trying to match her excitement.
"Oh um, come in I guess." She laughed. When i got in she closed the door and lead me to her couch.
"So what club?" She asked me.
"I have no idea yet. Any that's close." I told her.
"Okay well how about we relax and do girl talk then you help me get ready?" She asked hopeful.
"Okay." I cheerfully said.
We literally talked all day, actually we talked until 10pm. We talked from boys to one direction to shopping to shoes to Justin Bieber to Austin Mahone to penguins. I have no idea how that topic came up but it did. We obviously talked about so much more but those were the main things. She went into the shower while I went To her bedroom to choose an outfit for her. I ended up picking out a black dress too, but her's had more detail. It was black with lace and the back part was open. It looked just like tinker bell's green leaf dress but the bottom of the dress was straight. Oh and the color. When she got out of the shower she dried of and changed into the clothes. I made her sit down on a chair and started to do her makeup. I tried a color that would make her brown eyes look even better. Then I started to straighten her curly blonde hair. I finally finished, she put on her red peep toe heels and we headed out the door. I drove to a club called 'The Spot' and parked a few streets away. The line was long but it went by quickly. When we got inside, I pulled Kyla to the bar.
The legal drinking age in France is 16, but that's only for soft stuff like beer and wine. I wanted to get wasted fast so I tried my best to flirt.
"Hi, I'm American. Do you speak English?" I batted my eyelashes at the bartender. I leaned over the counter to expose my chest a little.
"Uh, yes." He said with an accent.
"I'm Nikki. This is my friend Kyla. She left her ID at our hotel. But I promise we are over 18." I smiled sweetly. I took out my ID, since I was 18 already and showed him. 
"Of course! What would you like?" He asked.
"2 shots?" I asked.
He gave it to us right away and we drank it quickly. I kept ordering us both shots. After a while we were both drunk. I defiantly forgot about my worries. We danced a lot, around 3 I could barley walk in a straight line. But compared to Kyla, I looked sober. She was sliding, leaning everywhere. I would take a taxi home but I don't want to take the chance of someone taking advantage of us because we are drunk. I took out my phone and called Liam.
"Hello?" He answered groggily. He must have been sleeping.
"Leeyyyummm." I giggled.
"Nikki? Are you drunk?" He said more awake now.
"Mayybee. But, sh... Don't tell Harry. He might call me a worthless drunk.." I giggled more, slurring. Kyla started giggling with me.
"Who are you with?" Liam said.
"Ky-kylllllA." I responded. Expanding the 'l' sound and saying the 'a' high pitched.
"Where are you? I'm coming to pick you up." He sounded pissed now. Oh shit.
"I'm at. At a club.. But I wanna stay. I wanna stay here leyyumm. No one there likes me anymore." I started tearing up.
"Of course we like you." He said sympathetically. 
"Nope. Especially not Harry." I started to cry now. I was really a drunk mess.
"Where are you? We'll talk about that when you're sober." 
"I'm at. At a club. A club calllledd. "The spot"!" I yelled the name out.
"I'll be there. Wait outside." He said and hung up.
"Liam bear is coming to pick us up." I smiled to Kyla.
I grabbed her arm and put it over my shoulder. We started to walk out of the club together. As soon as the club entrance door closed behind us, flashes blinded my eyes.
"Where's Liam?"
"Did you get in a fight?"
"Who's that girl?"
I started to hear.
I rolled my eyes and walked away with Kyla. We stood in the corner and Liam's black car pulled up. He came out and pulled Kyla off me and carried her into the backseat of his car. He put her seatbelt on and closed the door. Then He came and pulled me by my arm into the passenger seat. He got in the car looking very annoyed and made his way back to the loft. When we got inside, Liam put Kyla on the couch with pillows and blankets. He tucked her in while I watched him do it. He was nice, way too nice. He gets taken advantage of because of his niceness.
When he turned off the lights he went into the kitchen with me following behind. He was leaning on the counter with his head on his hands.
"Liam.." I whispered.
"Go away!" He shouted at me. Tears immediately came to my eyes knowing he was mad at me. I bit my trembling lip as he looked up. His eyes softened a little but then went back to their hard look. He looked back down. I whipped my tears away and went into Harry's room. I took my heels off and went into his bathroom to take my makeup off. I also took my dress off, leaving me in panties and a bra. I went to the side of the bed Harry was on and kneed to his level.
"Harry." I poked his cheek.
"Harry?" I whispered again. Tears where still in my eyes and in my face so when he opened his eyes, he looked worried. Then he remembered he was mad and hid the worried expression.
"What?" He asked.
"Liam's mad at me. And I'm sorry. And I have no where to sleep." I cried.
"So?" He said coldly.
"Please?.." I whispered.
He looked to me, probably regretting it afterward because he saw my hurt and vulnerable state. He moved over so I had room on the bed. I slid in and he covered me with his blankets. We were both facing each other on our sides. He put his hand on my hip, near my ass an pulled me closer. He moved so he was on his back and my upper body was laying on his. His hand was now around my waist. I snuggled into his neck.
"I really am sorry." I whispered.
"Me too." He whispered back.
"You know I love you?" I asked him, looking up.
"Not more than I love you." He responded. I'm not sure what 'love' he meant. A friend love? Or love love? I wasn't even sure which love I meant. I pushed my self up enough to kiss his jaw line. I knew it was innocent, but enough to drive him mad. I snuggled back into him and we both feel asleep.


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