Things happen for a reason

Nicki sanders is just a depressed 17 year old girl. That is, until she meets one direction. Is it possible to be in love with more than one guy? But with her past, will she ever trust anyone with her heart? I guess too find out you'd have to read :)


28. Chapter 26•

Nicki's P.O.V.
I woke up and looked at my tear stained face. My eyes were red and puffy, my hair was a mess. The only good thing about my look is that the bullet wound stopped hurting. Well that is unless I moved in a way I wasn't suppose to. I took a brush and re-did my hair into the messy bun it was in before. I went to my bathroom that was attached to my room and washed my face. When I looked up again, my face didn't show tear stains but my eyes were still the same. I put some face lotion on and brushed my teeth. Now all I had to do was face the guys. Of course they're going to ask what was wrong and ill probably ignore it all. But what good would that do? I don't ignore my problems, unlike Harry fucking Styles. I opened the door slowly after unlocking it and stepped out as quietly as I could. I started to make my way to the kitchen still trying to be silent but of course the floor was creaking with each step I took.
"Nicki?" Niall asked from the couch. I turned around and he leaped off the chair and pulled me in for a Horan hug. 
"Are you okay? I was so worried. What happened?" He asked, the worry still in his eyes.
"I just needed time alone. To think. You know I've been through a lot, I just needed to let the tears free." I said. "I sound so corny." I giggled. 
Niall let out a small chuckle.
"You are corny. But you know you can tell me anything? I'll be here for you. Always and forever." He smiled.
"Obviously I know that! You're Niall Horan. One of my best friends. It's just that sometimes I don't feel like sharing." I said.
"Okay. Well are you hungry?" He asked me.
"Very." I answered. 
"Good! So you can go make breakfast then." He pushed me toward the kitchen.
"You're so mean!" I yelled, giggling a little.
I made my way to the closet full of dry food in the kitchen and looked for the waffle mix. I hate pancakes. I don't know why, I just do. 
"Niall!!! Come help me!" I shouted. A while later Niall came in and started passed me all the ingredients. After I mixed them together and started to cook them. In total I made about 7. I wasn't planing on making any for anyone other than Niall and I. I took 3 on my plate and Niall took the rest. He gave me the syrup, I have him utensils. And then we ate. He would usually pick at mine even though he had more left on his plate.
"Niall!!" I yelled, sounding like I was about to cry. He bursted out laughing and so did I. I only yelled because he kept taking my waffles. When I started to calm down I ended up snorting and Niall just laughed harder. His laugh was hilarious though so I started laughing hard again. We were both in tears and on floor.
"What the hell?" Louis asked confused. "I wanna laugh too!" He added.
"No one made me waffles?" Liam gasped.
I started gasping for air because I was laughing so much. Niall was doing the same even though we were both still laughing. I'm not sure why we kept laughing. It wasn't funny anymore.
"Uh, are you okay?" Zayn asked us.
"Oh my god! I don't think she can breathe! She's choking!" Louis teased me. He pulled me up and made Zayn grab my legs. Then louis let me go and I was upside down. 
"Maybe the waffle she choked on will go down." Louis smirked. I was doing a handstand with Zayn's help. Then Harry came in and ruined the vibe.
"What the fuck is going on? I'm trying to sleep but you guys are so bloody loud! Shut the fuck up, would you?" Harry yelled. Zayn put me down, Niall and I stopped laughing and now we were all starring at Harry. He looked at everyone except me. Was he really acting like I wasn't there? Harry walked out of the kitchen and slammed his room door when he entered.
"Um, do you guys want to watch TV?" I asked, not knowing what to say. They nodded and we went to the couches that surrounded the TV. Niall and Liam were on the couch next to Louis, Zayn and I. I was in between Louis and Zayn. Liam took the control and started flipping through the channels. We stopped on the 'E! News' channel because we heard the words 'One Direction'.
The room was silent except for the host of E! News. 
"So you tell us, is One Direction's Liam Payne 'taking a break' with Nicki Sanders?" She smirked. 
"What!?" Liam and I yelled at the same time. I took out my phone and searched 'Liam Payne and Nicki Sanders broke up'.
I read a news article out loud:
"Lately, One Direction's Liam Payne and his girlfriend Nicki Sanders have been seen fighting. Sources say they're having a hard time 'getting along'. Not to mention Nicki is said to have feelings for other members of the hottest boy band." I read.  Then below there was a picture of me on Harry and then me looking close to kissing Niall. I passed the phone around. I remember that day with me and Harry. We were playing around and I was on him. We were both smiling like idiots. Suddenly, Harry walked in. I thought he would complain about the noise again but instead he just sat down next to Liam. Sadly Liam had the phone and passed it to him. I was studying his face expression while he looked at the picture of us. He looked less mad, more like.. Sad. Yeah, he looked sad. I blushed a little knowing he missed that day too.
"Well." Harry sighed. I thought he would saying something assuring but nope. He said "seems like you're a slut." 
Zayn started coughing on the water he was drinking, he spit it all out. Everyone else looked shocked other than me. I was just pissed.
"Should you really be talking Harry?" I asked with my eyebrows raised.
"Calm your tits, I was joking." He said.
"Yea, it sure looked like you were." I rolled my eyes. I was trying so hard to keep the yelling in, I hate it when people tell me to calm down even though I'm already calm. 
"Don't get mad at me because you like to 'do' everyone in the neighborhood." He snapped.
"I haven't 'done' anyone! Let alone 'in the neighborhood'." I yelled.
"Whatever you say, princess." He coldly said. Why is he acting like such a dick? What the hell!? I've been trying to fix whatever the hell he's mad at me for but not anymore. I don't care. I got my ass up and into my room. I took like a 3 minute shower, put on a very short black strapless dress with some black stilettos. I made my makeup smokey and sexy and put some red lipstick on. I put my hair down and made it look all amazing. I grabbed money, my phone and my clutch and went down stairs. 
"Where are you going?" Zayn asked.
"To go get fucked up." 
"There's no bars open at this time. It's like 2 in the afternoon." Liam said.
"I'll figure something out. Do any of you guys have a condom?" I smirked. I added the last part to piss them off.
 "What?" Liam yelled, looking mortified.
"Eh, don't worry. I don't need one." I smiled. I started to walk to the door but Someone grabbed my arm and turned me around.
"Seriously Nicki! Don't sleep with anyone. You know, we still are dating. That's called cheating." He strictly said. No wonder he was 'daddy direction'.
"I'll try my best, babe." I sighed.
"Stop taking everything as a joke! I'm not playing around." He snapped, tightening his grip on my arm without noticing. 
"I'm not. I'll try not to sleep with anyone. But if a sexy ass guy comes and grabs my ass saying 'he wants me' I won't hesitate to give him what he wants. Haven't you heard? I'm a slut." I whispered loud enough for everyone to hear. When I said the last two sentences, my eyes slipped to Harry and he was looking a little guilty. Liam let me go, I looked behind him to see everyone intensely staring at me. I smiled for second and made my way outside to my car. Now all I need to know is where to go.

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