Things happen for a reason

Nicki sanders is just a depressed 17 year old girl. That is, until she meets one direction. Is it possible to be in love with more than one guy? But with her past, will she ever trust anyone with her heart? I guess too find out you'd have to read :)


27. Chapter 25•

A/N: PLEASE READ!! So I set up a schedule...
Mondays: Stronger Than Love
Tuesdays: Everything Happens For A Reason
Wednesdays: Stronger Than Love
Thursdays: Everything Happens For A Reason
Friday: Stronger Than Love
Saturday: Everything Happens For A Reason
Sunday: day off unless I want to write.
Nickis p.o.v.
When we finally got to the place. Which turned out to be a place to play Laser Tag, I waited for Harry to get out of the car. I was determined to find out why he was mad at me. I slowed down, letting the others walk in front of me and then turned to Harry who was slowly walking behind me.
"What did I do?" I asked him.
"Oh, I'm not sure." He sarcastically replied, rolling his eyes. I stopped walking and grabbed his arm, pulling him back. He stopped too but faced away from me.
"Seriously Harry? What he fuck did I do? Because I don't think you're being fair." I snapped.
"How the hell am I not being fair?" He whisper yelled. He turned around now to face me.
"By not telling me what I did wrong! Instead of trying to fix it, you ignore me. So tell me, why are you mad at me?"
"You really can't tell? We flirt and then you go and have sex with my one of my best mates." He tensed saying it.
"I- I didn't sleep with him Harry. And he is my boyfriend.." I tried to make a point but Harry corrected me by adding "fake boyfriend." 
"Can't I have feelings for someone? Is that some weird bro-code that I don't understand? I can't date Liam cause you have feelings for me?" I yelled.
"What ever Nicki, have feelings for whoever you want. Just don't lead me on." He said and walked away.
"Harry.." My voice cracked. It sounded weak. I sighed deeply and started walking towards the entrance. When I got in I went to my group and we got into teams. Me, Louis, Zayn vs. Harry, Niall and Liam. Louis pulled Zayn and I to the corner where we got our vest and gun.
"Okay guys. We have to win this for Narnia!" Louis started to say.
"Why not Sparta?" Zayn laughed.
"Fine, we have to win this for Sparnia. Do you get what I did there?" Louis chuckled at his own joke.
"Really?" I raised my eyebrows, slightly amused.
"Nicki, you go to the tower thing and hide up there, shoot anyone who aren't us." Louis said. "And Zayn, you stay on the ground with me. But stay close the the stairs for the tower so no one can climb it." He added. Zayn and I nodded and waited for the game to start. I saw other teams, including Liam's team. When the lights turned darker, we begun. I ran with Zayn to the tower while Louis hid somewhere on the ground. Zayn watched me climb up the stairs and when I settled in, he left. Throughout the game, he stayed only 2 feet away from me, guarding the stairs. I shot about 17 people in total. Three of the shots were at Liam, 5 were at Niall and 2 at Harry. The other 7 shots I got were at strangers. I didn't get shot once though. Lucky me. Louis had a total of 23 shots. Most were at Niall because he kept going to the same spot Louis was aiming at. Zayn had 21 shots. I don't think he shot Liam, Harry or Niall but he shot at strangers. We ended up beating the other teams. We weren't amazing at the game but the other people truly did suck. 
"Did you see the way-" Louis was bragging with Zayn but I had no interest in it so I zoned out. I started thinking of sleep. I usually thought of that when I was down. Not fully depressed but almost there. I saw a hand fly up and down in front of me.
"What?" I asked confused. Coming back into reality. The guys were starring at me like I was crazy.
"You alright?" Liam asked me.
"Y-yea." I stuttered. My eyes flew over to Harry who was looking back at me. He rolled his eyes and looked away.
"She said she's okay, can we go now?" Harry asked rudely.
"Yup." Louis popped the 'p'.
We made our way out of the place after putting the equipment back. As soon as we go to the house I ran into my room an locked the door. I changed into sweatpants and a tanktop. I put my hair in a messy bun and washed off my makeup. I started to cry. I didn't even know why, I just let everything out.
"Nicki?" Niall knocked on the door.
"Go away." I sobbed.
"Nicki what's wrong? Are you okay?" He sounded worried.
"Please Niall. Please just go away." I sniffled.
The knocking stopped for about 5 seconds. This time it was Niall with the rest of the guys. He must of told them I was crying and wouldn't open the door. They all kept asking for me to open the door, and to talk to them and asked if I was okay. But I didn't answer. I heard every voice but Harry's. obviously he couldn't care less about me anymore. He hates me. I started to cry harder and louder. I rapped my arm under my legs and pulled them up. I cried into my knees for a while and then when the guys finally left, about an 1 and a half after, I fell asleep. Stupid of me to think today was gonna be a great dy.

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