Things happen for a reason

Nicki sanders is just a depressed 17 year old girl. That is, until she meets one direction. Is it possible to be in love with more than one guy? But with her past, will she ever trust anyone with her heart? I guess too find out you'd have to read :)


24. Chapter 22•

Harry's P.O.V.
I was in an interview when Nicki called me. She sounded scared. Then she told me someone was chasing her, I told her I'd go looking for her. 
"Harry you okay?" Liam asked me.
"No, it's Nicki. She says someone is chasing her. She's lost, we have to go find her!" I said while pacing around the room. 
"Okay let's go." Liam responded and the guys and I ran into the car. Leaving a confused interviewer. My phone was still pressed to my ear. I could hear her heavy breathing. 
"Nicki! Nicki are you still there? Are you th-" I said but then I heard a beep. She hung up. Or maybe someone took the phone..
I repeatedly called her but she wouldn't pick up.
"Guys she hung up!" I yelled. 
"Please let her be okay.. Please." Liam was whispering to himself. Niall and Zayn were looking through the windows to try and find her while Louis drove. A few minutes I got a call.
"It her!" I shouted. A smile spread across my face.
"Put it on speaker." Zayn told me.
"Nicki?!" I asked while putting the phone on speaker.
"I love you guys." She whispered. She sounded weak. I heard the phone drop and her breathing became quieter within each minute. She was dying.
"Nicki don't say that you're okay!" I told her. 
"Nicki I love you, we all do." I cried. Tears were streaming down all our faces. We called the police and thy said if the phone was still on they could track it. When they told us they found it I demanded I know where. They told us after saying they weren't allowed and we drove there.
When we arrived, I rushed out into the huge house. The guys were following behind me. I kept checking doors, but they were all locked. They guys and I continued to yell out her name.
"Guys!" Louis yelled. I ran to where he was. He stood I front of a closet. I don't get why he called us over until I saw a pool of blood coming from under the door. I true the handle but it was locked.
"I need to open it! She's in there." I shouted. Liam pushed me to the side and kicked the door repeatedly until it busted open. I looked into the small space and saw a girl. It was nicki. She looked pale. I quickly picked her up and went up to the boys. Liam felt her pulse.
"It's faint. But it's there." He said.

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