Things happen for a reason

Nicki sanders is just a depressed 17 year old girl. That is, until she meets one direction. Is it possible to be in love with more than one guy? But with her past, will she ever trust anyone with her heart? I guess too find out you'd have to read :)


18. Chapter 16•

When we started walking Louis stayed back a bit.

"whats wrong?" I asked him.

"oh nothing. I just needed to get your attention." He laughed

"why?" I asked him confused.

"who do you like?" 

"Wh- what do you mean?" I stuttered

"Liam, Harry, Niall or Zayn?" He asked me. Zayn? Really? I would expect the rest but Zayn and I are basically brother and sister.

"Uh! Zayn? Really Louis!? Zayn is like my big brother." 

"Then Harry, Liam or Niall?" He asked again. I looked at him trying to figure out how he knew. I just smirked and ran up to El. She was talking to me but Louis question kept going through my head. Harry, Liam or Niall?

after a while of walking we decided to go back to the house. We started walking when a girl came up to me. Actually girl is a understatement.. She was freaking Barbie. As plastic as can be. She stood in my way while starring at me. I did the same with my eyebrows raised.

"what?" I asked. She didn't respond, she just smacked me. It took me a minute to process what just happened. Did this bitch just slap me? Oh hell to the mother fucking no! I grabbed her my the back of the head and punched her as hard as I could with my other hand. I didn't pull her hair (not about that life) I just I'd that so her head don't go back and the punch wouldn't have hurt as much. I was a hard hitter. What can I say? I grew up with an older brother. I was always in fist fights. She fell on the floor and got up and ran away.

"are you okay?" Niall asked me while studying my face. 

"Yea. She slapped like a girl." I laughed. We all laughed and started walking back to the house again. We got there and I went inside. Niall and I went into the kitchen first and I grabbed a spoon and jar of Nutella. Liam came into the kitchen and gasped at me as I was licking the Nutella off the spoon.

"what?" I asked

"spoon!!!" He yelled an ran out of the room. That was weird. I sighed, got up and got a fork. I starte eating the Nutella with the fork. After eating I went to my room and layer on my bed. I looked through twitter but stopped when I got a call. I didn't know the number but I picke it up.

"hello?" I asked

"Nicki. Babe do you miss me?" The voice said. My heart pace spead up and I couldn't speak. Tears formed in my eyes. It was John. It was my ex boyfriend and my rapist. (I will explain this story later on in the story)

"Are you still there?" He asked. I could just feel him smirk.

"wh-what do yo- you want?" I stuttered. Tears were rolling down my cheeks.

"do you need a hug? You're crying?" He laughed.

"I swear if you ever try to touch me I wall-"

"try?" He cut me off. He started laughing. "I did touch you. Not try." He added. I felt like throwing up remembering what happened. I dropped my phone and ran to the bathroom. I started puking into the toilet. I heard my door open and next thing I know, Niall and Zayn are right beside me. Niall was rubbing my back while Zayn was holding my hair. I felt empty inside and I washed my mouth. I pulled my hair into a messy bun and layed back onto the wall of the bathroom. Niall came next to me and grabbed my hand. He rubbed circles on my hand. Zayn sat across from me.

"what happened?" Zayn asked me. 

"Nutella?" I laughed and put on a fake smile. They gave me an understanding smile. I thought they would tell that I was Lying but I guess not. Well up until El came in with my phone in her hand. She looked at me with sad eyes.

"I'm sorry nicki." She cried and came down to me and huge me. She put the phone down and Niall took it. 

"What doe it say?" Zayn asked him. 

"Are you gonna give it up or will I have to take it from you again like I did last time?" Niall whispered as he read the text aloud. I cried harder. 

"Who raped you?" Zayn shouted. Niall had to calm him down. I explained my story.


"Babe not now." I sighed as John kissed my neck. I was to tired. And I didn't want my Virginity taken away at 15. But he kept kissing me. He pulled me onto my back and came on top on he lifting my shirt. I put my hand over his.

"stop." I commanded but he just pushed my hand away and kept going. He raped me while I was shouting "please stop." Over and over again. After that day I've never spoken to him again.

~ end of flashback~

it was only 7 and I was having the worst birthday ever.

"I'll go tell Liam we need to cancel. I'll say you're not felling so great or make something else up." El smiled. But I rejected her idea.

"I'm fine. I could use a drink anyways." I said.

"no you don't. You need to sleep." Niall demanded me. I sighed but nodded my head because I knew it was true. I just needed to sleep. 

"Carry me?" I pleaded Niall. He smiled and picked me up. He started to walk out the bathroom when Zayn said "wait! You need to open your presents first!" 

"You guys didn't have to!" I smiled. Niall sat me on my bed and went out. I whipped away my tears and put on a smile. Just then, Niall, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and El came in. They had a huge box with presents in it. I smiled at them and Harry came upto me first. He had a small box in him hand. He went infrint of me and opened the box. It was a silver necklace. It had a heart on it. Engraved said "to the work you may be someone, but to me you are the world." And on the back it said "I love you -Harry" I smiled up at him and gave him a huge hug. "I love you to Harry!" I said. He put the necklace in me and backed up. Zayn came up next to me with 3 shoe boxes. I looked at them wide eyed. He put them on the floor and opened the first one. It was a baby blue high heel that had beautiful flower prints on it. The top strapped up a little above the ankle. I loved it! He closed it and opened the next one. It was a cream color high heel. It had about 3 cream colored flowers where my ankle is. They had pretty little pearls on the center. He closed that box and pulled out the last. It was a boot this time. The boot had a high heel too. It was a light pink color. It had a shoe lace and 2 buckles. They were so cute!! Oh my freaking gosh!! I smiled up at him and gave him a hug huge too. I told him thank you and he stepped back. El and Louis came up next and El handed me several huge bags of clothes. Literally.. Several. I looked up at her.

"I picked them all out and Louis bought them all." El told me. I smiled up at her. I hugged them both and gave them each a kiss on the cheek. I tol them I would go through the bags later. Niall came up next. He opened a box with a bracelet in it. It was a gold color and had a charm that said "I love you more than food. -niall" I smiled up at him as he helped me put on the bracelet. I thanked him and then he pulled open another box. It was a silver cuff. It looked vintage. It had swirly designs in the middle. The center of the Swirly things was a colorful stone. It looked like that 'dreamy' effect. Well the way it faded into colors did. I gave him another hug and thanked him again. Liam came up to me with a bag full of different things.

"I didn't know what to get you. So I uh, got you some of everything." He laughed. He took out 2 sweaters. They were both black hoodies. One said 'he's mine' and the other said 'shes mine'. The letters were black and looked like the Disney letters. He pulled out a silver ring. The ring had a diamond in the center. The rim of the rim was a leaf decoration. I put it on. He then pulled out a tiara. Yes, you read right. A fucking tiara. It was real. I can really explain it but it was beautiful. Then he pulled out 2 gift cards. Both had 75£ ($100) on them. One was to Starbucks and the other was to the Cheesecake Factory. I pulle him into a hug and kissed his cheek. 

"Thank you guys!" I said to all of them. 

"Wait, there's a few more gifts." Eleanor said.

"from who?" I asked confused.

"your brother." She whispered. My brother. My amazing brother that died left me a gift. Tears came to my eyes.i sat on my bed. El came up to me. She handed me a letter. I opened it.

"to my most amazing sister, Nicki.

if you're reading this, that probably means I'm dead right now. I'm sorry for leaving you Nicki. But I will always be with you somehow. This is your 19th birthday and I want to say happy birthday baby sis. I love you so much. Remember when we used to watch looney toons together? Those were good times. Be a good girl okay? Listen to dad. And don't feel bad for me, I'm up in heaven with mom. I'm not Lonley. I love you Niki!" Is what the letter said. I was in tears. A waterfall down my face. El then handed me a journal and a necklace. The necklace was long and silver. It had a Safire in the middle. It was a oval shaped locket. Inside was a picture of my brother and I and on the other side it was engraved with "I love you- Alen" I put it on and looked at the journal. It was a replica of the journal from the princess diaries. You needed a locket to open it. Instead of a heartit was oval shaped though. I opened it and the first page was written on.

"use this for what ever you want. I love you" the writing said. I closed it. I put it next to me and looked back up to the guys.

"I'm gonna go to sleep." I whispered. They nodded and Gave me a hug as they walked out. Harry walked out last but before he could I called him.

"Harry?" I wish peered barley audible.

"yeah?" He asked me. Walking back to me.

"can you stay with me? Until I fall asleep." I said. 

"Always." He smiled. He lead me back to my bed and wrapped his arms around me and we laid down. My face was tucked against him chest. I calmed down hearing him heart beat. I don't really know why.

"can you sing to me?" I whispered. He started singing 'give me love' by Ed sheeran. Then he sung 'kiss me' by Ed sheeran too. Then he sang 'let it be' by the Beatles. I wanted to sleep so bad but I couldn't. His voice was amazing, I don't want to miss anything. He actually made me cry more because if his amazing voice. And the lyrics to the songs he was singin.  

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