Things happen for a reason

Nicki sanders is just a depressed 17 year old girl. That is, until she meets one direction. Is it possible to be in love with more than one guy? But with her past, will she ever trust anyone with her heart? I guess too find out you'd have to read :)


11. Chapter 10•

Nickis p.o.v.

I was still in the car on Niall. He sang to me!! The was the cutest thing anyone has ever done! I'm not gonna lie, a few tears slipped out but he whipped them away. When he finished I kissed his cheek and whispered "thank you nailler." To him. He smiled and said "you're welcome snickers."  I laughed.

"snickers?" I asked.

"yup. Your new nickname." Niall said. I laughed and put my head back on his shoulder. When we got to Starbucks I hopped out of the car. Liam got in line next to me. 

"What do you want?" He asked.

"caramel frappacino." I smiled. He ordered it and we waited for it to be made. Once it was done we started walking to a bakery across the street. When we were about to enter I stopped.

"Liam!" I yelled. He turned around and walked up to me.


"We need pictures of us. People might start to get suspicious and strangely, there is a photo booth over there." I said and He smiled at me. He grabbed my hand and led me into it. I was gonna put money in when he beat me to it. 

"Liam!" I whined.

"I can't have my girl spending money."

I blushed and pressed the thingy that said start. We had a total of 5 pictures to do. The first one went on and we just smiled. On the second one, I kissed his cheek. The third, we did funny faces. The fourth, we stared at each others eyes. I forgot the camera was there until the flash went off. And then the last, we kissed. The kiss was short but it was nice. Afterwards we got out. I had to copies made so we each had our own roll. I handed him a copy and I took one. He took a picture if it and Put it on twitter. My phone Beeped, telling me I had a notification. I checked it and noticed Liam tagged me in the picture of the photos. I smiled and retweeted it. We went into the bakery and found our group sitting. We went up to the counter and there was a teenage looking girl there. "OMG! You're Liam! From one direction!! And OMG! Your Liam's girlfriend! Nicki! You're so pretty!" I smiled 

"thank you." I said. She got Liam and I's autograph. I was shocked that she wanted mine but I acted Like it was normal. She took our order and we sat down with Louis, Niall, zayn, Harry and el. 

"I saw those pictures of you and Liam." Louis told me. I blushed and didn't respond. The girl bring over our stuff and left. I ate my cheesecake in like 3 minutes and looked at everyone else, who were still eating. I saw that Liam was eating very slowly so I started taking some of his. He looked over at me and gave me a look that said 'ill stab you'. I took my warning and starting taking from Harry until Harry gave me the same look. Then I took from el and Louis. Until I got the look. Then I did the unthinkable, I took from Niall. His face was priceless. I couldn't tell weather he was mad or surprised. But then I took another. And he got up and tackled me to the floor. He started tickling me and yelling 'no one steals food from Niall!' 

Everyone in the bakery was looking at us. Well everyone as in the people I came with, and the workers and I'm pretty sure paparazzi's were here. He pinned me down, still on me and said. "Apologize!"

"no!" I yelled.

"say it or else!"

"or else what!?"

"or else ill drink all your Starbucks coffee!" He screamed. I gasped and he jumped off me towards my coffee.

"Niall I will kill you!" I yelled as I jumped on him. He grabbed for my coffee but I but his neck. Literally. He stopped and smacked his hands over his neck where I but him. I jumped off and took my coffee.

"did you just bite my neck!?" He yelled.

"maybe.." I laughed. 

"Snickers but my neck!" He yelled. He was making fun if the video 'Charlie but my finger' so we all bursted out laughing. After we are and paid, we got into the car. This time I sat on Liam with Niall next to me. Niall kept looking at me. 

"You know nialler, that cheesecake was good." I teased. "Oh and I forgive you." I added.

He just looked at me as I smirked at him. When we got home I got out and we all entered the living room. As soon as I got in Niall tackle me again.

"say you're sorry!" He laughed.

"help me!" I yelled.

"did I hear someone call for help?" Louis asked. "Superman is coming!"

"no batman is coming to help!" Liam yelled. Niall and I giggled and soon enough, Niall was tackled to the floor by Louis and I was picked up by Liam. I was in his arms bridal style. "Oh how can I ever repay you!" I teased.

"no need ma'm" Liam said. A flash went off and we looked to where it came from. El and Harry were taking pictures while zayn was on the couch watching us. "This is going I twitter." Eleanor said. Then Liam literally threw me at Harry. Like three me! As in how someone would throw a ball. Well Harry caught me but lost his balance and fell back on zayn. I was wondering how we looked. Probably really stupid. Another flash went off and I noticed el was laughing with Liam, Niall and Louis. 

"Harry you're squishing me!" I breathed. I was chest to chest with zayn while Harry was in top of me back to back. He got off and helped me up. I saw the picture and laughed. We calmed down and I sat next to el and Liam. We watched 'paranormal activity 4' and I was freaking the fuck out. Every 13 minutes I would jump into Liam's arms and everyone would laugh at me except for El. She was doing the same thing as me but with Louis instead. Afterwards we all went to I to sleep. I went to my room and turned of the lights. Right after I went into bed I swear I saw the closet door opened so I texted Liam.



"I think there's something in my closet."

"haha! Should I check it for you?"

"no! It might take you! Can I go to your room?"

"of course babe." I got up and went to his room. I opened it and saw him in just sweatpants. "Liam are you awake?"

"yup." He said. I made my way to his bed and got in. He pulled me closer to him and put his arms around me. I closed my eyes but felt his on me. 

"What?" I asked

"nothing, it's just.. You look cute when you sleep." I giggled and he kissed my nose. "Goodnight babe." He said "goodnight babe." I responded. And then we fell asleep.


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