"you know u could die..." "i dont care i just want to be with you forever...."


1. getting ready

cassidy's POV:

I woke up to my dad and sister ashley fighting about something. "WHAT THE HELL DAD WHY CANT I GO!!!!"ashley screamed "BECAUSE I SAID SO!!!" my dad replied in the same tone. "Goooood moorrrrnnning daaad." i said as i walked down stairs still in my pj's. "good morning sweet heart." my dad sighed. "OH SO YOU ARE NICE TO HER." ashley yelled as she tuned her heels. "THAT'S IT YOUNG LADY YOU ARE GROUNDED." my dad yelled. "OH GOODY!" ashley yelled back as she slammed the door to her bedroom. my sister had short black hair and honey brown eyes, she was 19 and ever since our mom died her and my dad haven't got along well. and then there's me.... I have long light blonde hair and bight blue green eyes, I'm 17 and i love my sister and dad to death even though they hate each other.

"time to get ready for school." my dad sighed. "ok daddy." i said as i walked to my room to get ready. i decided on light blue skinny jeans and a cute pink over sized sweater that says NERD on the frount, i grabbed my black ugg boots and to finish it off i curled my hair and put on a light coat of make-up. i double checked myself in the mirror before i grabbed my backpack and ran out the door an got into my blue corvette that i got for my birthday and headed to school.

today was my first day at my new school in Canada. i moved here from florida. i really missed my old friends but we had to move because my dad got a new job that payed more. at my old school i was the girl that nobody payed attention to. i wasnt bullied but i wasnt popular either and i think it's time for things to change.

justin's POV:

i woke up to the sweet smell of bacon. my mom must of been cooking some down stairs. i had the perfect life. i was the most popular guy in school and captain of the football team. and everybody loved me. but i was the school player. i can't help it i mean there is so many different girls out there how can i just settle for one. i have never fell in love and i most definitely never will. i walked down stairs and ate my food. my mom had to leave after she made breakfast. i got up and put on some cloths grabbed my backpack and walked outside. i had a black audi and loved it. i got in my car and drove to school.

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