Nobody Compares

Two best friends named Mackenzie and Jenna venture out to London on a summer vacation. What happens when they accidentally bump into One Direction? Will fate bring them together or tear them apart?


1. prologue

hi my name is mackenzie. i have light brown eyes, really dark curly hair that goes past my shoulder, and i am tall with curves. some people say that im really skinny but i dont believe them because i am very insecure. on the other hand i have my beautiful bestfriend jenna who doesnt have a care in the world she eats alot but doesnt gain weight how i have tried asking her but she has no idea she is short with long brown curly hair, brown eyes, and curves, unlike me me she isnt that insecure and she doesnt really care what she looks like even though she can just be wearing sweats and a shirt and look amaZAYN. we bought an apartment together which was on our bestfriend bucket list and we checked that off. so we are now living in Puerto rico, but we are origianally from california i am part puerto rican and part black and jenna is part puerto rican and white an odd combination, but we love eachother dearly. little did we know that our second number on our bucket list would be checked off soon, because for the summer we are going to... LONDON!!!

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