Six Years In MSG

Domino left home at the age of 12 and hasn't looked back in eight years. She relies solely on her friend Ryder to give her food from his father's stand in New York City. The little girl learned to live on her own, taking shelter in an abandon closet in Maddison Square Garden, and as you can imagine living there has had its pluses and minuses. Domino has seen countless concerts from her secret rooms and hideouts throughout MSG without being seen, but what happens when a certain Harry Styles spots her when One Direction comes to play MSG? Can he get her to open up around her past? And what happens when Harry decides he wants to take care of her?
( A One Direction Fanfiction original idea from ShannonStyles)


10. The Transformation

Niall's P.O.V.

The van picked us up in the back of the hotel, and she clung to me the whole ride. She looked like such a strong, independent girl, but really she was quite soft. In a good way of course. In a way that she would feel comfortable cuddling up to you at anytime. In fact, that's what she was doing..

" Are you alright love?" Louis asked from the seat behind us.

She nodded, but I could see by the look on her face that she was nervous.

I let her cuddle up to me for the rest of the ride, but when we needed to get out of the van she walked in with Harry. I kept a close eye on them, making sure Harry didn't try anything while he could.

Once we got into the recording studio, back at MSG, Doe calmed down a bit. Maybe it was because she was so used to being here. I guided her to one of the couches right when Lou walked in," Ok boys! No need for the applause I have arrived," She came in, holding Lux in one hand and clothes in the other. I hoped Lou and Doe bonded today. I felt like she needed a female friend.

The boys crowded around Lux, but I stayed with Domino, who was now shaking.

" You must be Domino! Hi, Im Lou, I'm the boys stylist. I am all set up in the next room over if you want to get started-"

" Can I have a minute?" she asked, letting go of my hand.

" Of course sweetie, take all the time you need. Ill be over there when your ready."

She quickly got up, and I followed just in time to see her go back to her old room. Something was up, and as her "boyfriend" it was my job to find out what it was.

I knocked on the door and entered. She was in the corner, looking around the, now empty, room. Tears stained her eyes, and i could see she was still visibly shaking.

" Doe?"

She didn't respond... Didn't even look my way. I sat down next to her, grabbed her hand again, and tried to talk to her.

" You're beautiful Domino. You really truly are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I would never ask you to change the way you look, but this is for your safety. I never want your step parents to find you and try to take you away from me.. from us sorry. I want you to be safe."

" But what if I don't like how I look Niall? What if I look even uglier than I do now? I could never pass as your girlfriend then-"

" Did you not listen to a word I just said?" I moved away the strand of hair that had moved into her face, so i could clearly see her crystal blue eyes," You are beautiful Domino. You don't have to "pass' as my girlfriend by your physical appearance. I'm not like that. If I love a girl it's because of who she is, not because of what she wears or what she looks like," we were so close now, our faces millimeters apart, but I didn't care. All I could see was her eyes. I was fully lost in them. 

I had started to lean in that last little distance, but then she turned away," Thank you Niall. I think I'll be ok..."

I stayed where I was, waiting for her to return, but she didn't. She just stared at me. Completely embarrassed and disappointed I returned to our dressing room, this time without holding her hand.

She didn't come back into our dressing room, so I was able to contemplate what I had just done and why I had tried to push her. I pushed her. The one thing I promised myself I wouldn't do, I did.


Domino's P.O.V.

" Im ready," I entered the room Lou was in and saw and endless supply of hair dyes, make up, and clothes. It was like my own personal clothing store.

" Alright love, what are your thoughts?"

I looked up at her, mustering up all of my confidence and thinking about what Niall said," I only have one opinion. The reason you can do..."

" Ok? And what is that?"


Harry's P.O.V.

After rehearsal, I pulled Niall aside because he wasn't his usual crazy hyper self on stage," What's up Nialler? What's got you down?"

He looked up at me, almost like he was debating on whether or not to tell me, and then I knew it was something with Domino.

" It's nothing Haz, just a little tired from being up late. Ill be ok by tonight."

He escaped my grip and started to quickly walk to the dressing rooms. Probably to see Domino's new look. I didn't see why she had to change everything. Maybe her hair, but everything? I just didn't see it. I just hoped Lou didn't cover up her beautiful face with even more makeup then she already wore.

I walked into the room, and Niall was standing there with her.

" I told you, no matter what you will always be beautiful to me. But, I am digging the blonde hair. Was that because of me?"

She laughed, crossing her arms at him as he ran his hand through her new longer and completely blonde hair. She didn't have any makeup on, and she looked incredible all together. Lou really did a great job at transforming her, even though I could still see the old Domino," Oh did you dye yours blonde too at one point? I had no idea," she was being sarcastic.

I cringed as Niall put an arm around her waist and puller her closer," Well you really do look beautiful."

" He's right," I suddenly spoke from the hallway," You really are beautiful Domino," I walked away knowing I had lost her. I had lost her to Niall, but was that so bad? I shouldn't want the girl my bandmate is supposed to be dating. But really they weren't dating. But I saw the look in both of their eye's when they were close. They had feelings for each other. I had missed my chance.

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