Six Years In MSG

Domino left home at the age of 12 and hasn't looked back in eight years. She relies solely on her friend Ryder to give her food from his father's stand in New York City. The little girl learned to live on her own, taking shelter in an abandon closet in Maddison Square Garden, and as you can imagine living there has had its pluses and minuses. Domino has seen countless concerts from her secret rooms and hideouts throughout MSG without being seen, but what happens when a certain Harry Styles spots her when One Direction comes to play MSG? Can he get her to open up around her past? And what happens when Harry decides he wants to take care of her?
( A One Direction Fanfiction original idea from ShannonStyles)


24. Proposal

Domino's P.O.V.
I walked back into the boys dressing room as they went out on stage for the second half of their show. It was getting pretty loud, so I decided to wait for Niall back here. 
I picked up my phone and I had two messages:
"Ryder: Sooo nervous about tonight. Glad u guys r tagging along though:) see ya in a couple hours"
" Niall: Pick out something nice for tonight:) We are going to dinner with Ryder, Laila, and a couple other people. I think ur "BFF" is proposing! Niall .x"
I replied back to Niall, knowing he probably wouldn't hear it since he was on stage, but still," He is! Supper nervous :/ Finish up soon:(  I'm lonely <3 Doe"
I got up and found Lou watching the concert. I asked her if she would do my hair and makeup, as well as help me pick out an outfit, and of course she said yes. 
We finished hair and makeup right as the boys ended, so instead Niall helped me pick something out. 
I looked down at my phone one more time before we left for the restaurant, but there was nothing. What if Ryder backed out just because he thought I didn't support him completely? What kind of best friend was I being?! 
I opened up our conversation and sent," Don't be nervous about night, I will b there as ur support :)"
" You really support me 100% doe?" He sent back.

Niall's P.O.V.
I walked her down to the car, parked in the back, and we rode to the restaurant. Domino was on her phone most of the time, and I could see she was texting Ryder. I thought about how nervous he must be. Trading places with him I would b a wreck right now. Not if it was Doe though. I guess if it was that one special person you were asking, what would you have to worry about? 
We pulled into the restaurant, and immediately were swarmed with paparazzi. Of course they had found us.
The questions they were firing, however, were not aimed at me. They were aimed at Domino.
" Have you had any contact with your home since you left?"
" What was it like living in Maddison Square Garden for six years?" 
" Did you ever believe you would get caught?"
" How long were you going to hide?" 
In the middle of the chaos, I heard one question directed toward me," Niall, how long was she going to be your charity case?"
All went silent. They wanted an answer. I took one look at Domino, who was horrified, and the boys and they knew what to do. Liam and Harry both grabbed one of her arms and guided her inside.
I stood to face the crowd of them," She was never a charity case. She never will be. I love Domino, not because of where she lived or what her family life was like, but because of who she is and the chemistry we have together," I took in what I had said. The "L" word. So Domino didnt hear it, so now the perfect, romantic evening was ruined. I heard it, and I knew I meant it.
I loved Domino.
I walked inside the restaurant without asking anymore questions.
I sat down next to Domino, and have her hand I squeeze.
" What did you tell them?" She asked.
I looked up into her eyes and said," I love you."

Domino's P.O.V.
I was in total shock. I never would have thought those words would've come out of his mouth right then. 
He stood there, waiting for me to respond, but I couldn't. 
All I got out was," Niall, I... I-"
" That's ok. I understand," he took his hand away from mine, but I reached back out for it.
Harry, who was sitting on the other side of Niall was watching, but I still had my attention on Niall.
He looked down at our hands, and then back up at my eyes.
I leaned in and gave him a quick kiss, right as Laila and Ryder arrived," I love you too."
He smiled, and I sat back up straight, but did not let go of his hand. I felt so special around Niall. Like I was really the only girl in the world. 
The dinner went on and I saw Ryder's nerves fade away, but then come back.
It wasnt long before desert came, and he started to propose. He started out by talking about how special she was, and how she made him feel. How she helped him through some of the really tough times he faced. How even though they hadnt known each other as long as usual couple had, he felt like their love for each other was the equivalent.
The whole time he said this Laila's eyes were locked on his. She was smiling, until he got down on one knee, then she started to cry, but tears of joy.
Ryder looked over at me before he said his words, and I gave him the biggest and most supportive smile ever. 
She didnt waste anytime nodding her head after he asked. Ryder was so happy too, the two of them were hugging and kissing for what seemed like ever. So long that the table decided to start another conversation. 
It was Zayn who started it," So when are we going to expect this from you two?" He was asking Niall and I. 
Everyone was laughing except Harry. 
He got up and said," Please excuse me."
I wouldn't have been worried, but I saw his expression before he left.

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