Six Years In MSG

Domino left home at the age of 12 and hasn't looked back in eight years. She relies solely on her friend Ryder to give her food from his father's stand in New York City. The little girl learned to live on her own, taking shelter in an abandon closet in Maddison Square Garden, and as you can imagine living there has had its pluses and minuses. Domino has seen countless concerts from her secret rooms and hideouts throughout MSG without being seen, but what happens when a certain Harry Styles spots her when One Direction comes to play MSG? Can he get her to open up around her past? And what happens when Harry decides he wants to take care of her?
( A One Direction Fanfiction original idea from ShannonStyles)


9. Morning of the Transformation

Domino's P.O.V.
It was 3:30 in the morning, and I couldn't sleep. I wasn't used to a bed like this, a room as big as this one... All of it. It was scary. I grabbed my phone, decided I may as well try to call one of the boys.
It rang three times before Niall finally answered," Hello?"
" Umm Niall?"
" This is him, who is this?"
" Domino."
" Oh! Hey! How did you-"
" Long story. Umm... Do u know any tricks for falling asleep?" He didnt respond," Niall?"
Someone knocked on the door," Hold on Niall, someone's at the-"
I opened the door and he was standing there, phone still against his ear, smirking at me.
" Door?" He answered, walking in.
I closed the door behind him and he immediately jumped onto the bed. It was then I realized he wasn't wearing a shirt, and I could clearly see all of his toned muscles.
" Alright Doe, come on. We can talk until you fall asleep."
" Talk?"
" Or we could watch a movie? Whatever you want to do."
" But don't you need sleep? You have a concert tomorrow, well really tonight."
" I'll be ok love, really, now come on you can pick the movie," he patted the spot next to him. 
I sighed, giving in, and laid down next to him. It was storming outside, and Ioved the sound of the rain and thunder. At MSG I would never hear the rain, just the thunder.
Niall put in some weird movie, and we watched it together occasionally making funny comments here and there. When it ended he was asleep next to me, so I decided to turn off the light and try to fall asleep once again.
I was finally starting to doze off when he pulled me closer to him, keeping his arms around me the whole time. At first I was a little intimidated and scared, but then I felt the same protection I felt when Niall hugged me the first time.
I snuggled up to him before falling asleep...

Niall's P.O.V.
We both woke to a pounding on the door. We jumped out of the bed so quickly Doe tripped over part of the sheets and fell.
" Oh my gosh! Are you ok?!"
" Yeah, can you get the door?"
I quickly walked over to the door," Domino have you seen.. Niall!!!!!!!!!! You gave us a heart attack!!! Come on!! We have to leave for  rehearsals in like 10 minutes," Louis was yelling so loud I'm pretty sure he just woke up the whole hotel.
" Calm down ill be ready."
" Figures he's in there," Harry appeared on his phone next to Lou.
" Whats that supposed to mean Haz?"
He put his hands up in defense," Hey I get it your trying to practice for when you really have to "be together". It's cool. I'd do the same."
Louis rolled his eyes," Anyway where's the princess?"
" Im no princess Tomlinson," Domino appeared beside me," Oh and thank you Harry for the gifts last night. I really enjoyed playing around with this new thing, I'll be sure to pay you back."
" Love, it's a gift like you said, no need," he winked at her, and I finally put two and two together.
" You got her an iPhone?"
He nodded returning to his phone again. How can he be on that thing 24/7?! 
" We will meet you downstairs go get ready Nialler!"
" Wait! I thought I was meeting the stylist today?" Domino asked clutching my shoulder.
She was dressed in dark blue jeans and a grayish shirt that made her blue eyes stand out even more.
" Lou will be at the rehearsal. She's our stylist too. Are you ok with all of this transformation stuff?"
She nodded," Ryder was right. I have to do something with my life."
" Well I'm sure you can find something to do backstage until we are done, and u can always text me, ill answer right away since its just sound check."
" Thanks Niall," she gave me another kiss on the cheek, and I looked at her confused.
" What? Is that not ok? I thought it would be a good way to relieve some awkwardness since you and I are supposed to be a couple."
" No! No your fine, just surprised me that's all. It was nice...."
" Nice?" She asked putting her hands on her hips, stopping her from gathering her stuff up from before. 
" I'm uh gonna go change," I said hopeful to escape the conversation.
I shut the door behind me quickly, leaning up against it to listen to her.
" Nice Doe. Wait to defuse the awkwardness efficiently."
I brought my hand up to my head in frustration. Of course she was trying to help! I was making it so awkward for her! 
I decided while I was getting dressed what I would do when I got out there.
Once I did I kissed her cheek back, and she turned completely shocked.
" What? Is that not ok?" I said with a smirk on my face.
She hit my shoulder, and I pretended I was hurt by her," Let's go. We both have a long day ahead of us.

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