Six Years In MSG

Domino left home at the age of 12 and hasn't looked back in eight years. She relies solely on her friend Ryder to give her food from his father's stand in New York City. The little girl learned to live on her own, taking shelter in an abandon closet in Maddison Square Garden, and as you can imagine living there has had its pluses and minuses. Domino has seen countless concerts from her secret rooms and hideouts throughout MSG without being seen, but what happens when a certain Harry Styles spots her when One Direction comes to play MSG? Can he get her to open up around her past? And what happens when Harry decides he wants to take care of her?
( A One Direction Fanfiction original idea from ShannonStyles)


25. Completely Guilty

Harry's P.O.V.
I watched Ryder propose, the nerves changing to complete happiness the second Laila shook her head yes. 
I imagined myself in Ryder's shoes, and looked over at Doe. What if I was the one down on one knee for her? 
I imagined her smile, as big and beautiful as ever, and her crystal blue eyes sparking down at me.
Then I remembered the exchange of words she had with Niall earlier, and my heart felt stabbed for the second time that night. 
This was exactly what I was afraid of which Laila's advice. She loved Niall, so I would have to let go of her forever.
Domino loved Niall. I felt the third stab.
I could feel the tears brimming my eyes when I finally excused myself. 
I hated this. Never once had I had feelings like these, and get the feelings were WRONG. I would never be with Doe, the feelings would never be satisfied.
I stayed on the bench, still inside the restaurant, until I heard the wood creak next to me. I looked up.

Louis's P.O.V.
I rose to follow Harry, completely out of habit, when Niall grabbed my arm," I'll take this one," he said.
I nodded and sat back down. Niall left after informing the table where he was going and giving Doe a kiss.
Once he left Domino looked over at me," How come you didnt invite Eleanor to join?"
It was an off topic question, however, I still answered," I haven't seen her in over three months now. She's been busy, I've been busy," I shrugged.
" That's no excuse! We will have to call her immediately. Alright?"
I nodded.
" I mean, you miss her don't you?"
" Of course I miss her! I just know she isn't happy with what recently has happened."
She looked at me questionably," What do you mean 'recently'?"
I sighed," It's really not important Doe..."
She faced forward again," If you say so."
I knew why I couldn't tell her. Eleanor wasnt happy she was never invited for the full tour before, and all the sudden Niall's "girlfriend" gets to stay. No, she didnt know Domino's story, so she thought it was just managements way of keeping us apart.
Domino had more to worry about than my girlfriend being jealous over her being on your all the time. I mean Harry did just walk out practically in tears...

Niall's P.O.V.
I sat down next to Harry, not knowing exactly what to say, so I placed a hand on his back and said," You know I never intended for any of this to hurt you."
He nodded," I know. You only saw exactly what I did. Her perfect smile, her beautiful eyes, the way she wants to be so independent, but no one will let her now, I understand."
" Are you upset because-"
" Niall I'm upset because of everything!! Why didnt I fight for her harder?! Why did I let myself become interested in her?! And why did I let myself love her so much?!"
His face crashed into his hands again, and all I could do is sit there and think.
I thought about what it would b like to love Domino the way I do, and to not be able to have her. I thought about how hurt he must've been tonight watching Ryder get the love of his life while he watched his say she loved another man.
If you love something, let it go Niall.
I played the phrase over and over in my head.
I wanted to give Harry a chance, but the situation was more complex. The public expected Doe and I to be together. That was that. 
However, I was willing to find a way to give Harry his chance.
" Alright here's what we are going to do. Ill find a way for you to be with Domino, and ill back off-"
" Niall you heard her! She loves YOU! Don't hurt her because of me. Just promise me something?"
I gulped," Anything."
" Love her for the both of us. Treat her like she's more than a princess. Make her feel like she has enough love for four arms around her instead of two. Because that's the least she deserves."
I nodded," I promise with all of my heart and yours Harry. We have to go back, or at least I do. If you want I can tell the others you're sick?"
He wiped the tears away," No, no ill be there soon. Give me a couple minutes."
" Alright," I got up off the bench and walked away. He was hurting, and it was hard not to feel completely guilty for it.

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