Six Years In MSG

Domino left home at the age of 12 and hasn't looked back in eight years. She relies solely on her friend Ryder to give her food from his father's stand in New York City. The little girl learned to live on her own, taking shelter in an abandon closet in Maddison Square Garden, and as you can imagine living there has had its pluses and minuses. Domino has seen countless concerts from her secret rooms and hideouts throughout MSG without being seen, but what happens when a certain Harry Styles spots her when One Direction comes to play MSG? Can he get her to open up around her past? And what happens when Harry decides he wants to take care of her?
( A One Direction Fanfiction original idea from ShannonStyles)


18. Coming Clean

Niall's P.O.V.

The next morning we had a band meeting in Louis and Harry's room. Harry called it, but I don't think anyone knew what it was going to be about.

It was about 10:00 when I came in with Zayn, and I was texting Domino from across the hall.

" Thanks again for the amazing time last night Niall:) How's the meeting going?"

" Hasn't started yet, but I'll let u know how it goes. <3 Xx."

Harry sat down on the edge of one of the beds and we all either found a chair or sat on the other bed. I was in a chair in between the beds.

" So, I called this meeting because you are all my brothers and I need to be completely honest with ALL of you. I have a big problem."

" Is this about your Mystery Girl Haz?" Zayn asked.

" Well that's the thing is she's not really a mystery to all of you. You all know her."

I saw Lou's eyes flash in recognition to what he meant. I knew too, but I wanted him to say it.

" I'm falling in love with Domino."

All of the lads were staring at me, but I had no words.

" I'm so sorry Niall."

" Does she feel the same way?"

I was only looking at Harry. He wasn't responding, and that didn't give me comfort. 

" I... I don't know Niall. Every time I brought it up she always said-"

" You told her you had feelings for her even though you all know that I'm not faking any feelings for her at all! I actually like Doe. She's the only girl that has really made me feel confident in myself, and you were going to take that away! I thought we were brothers Harry. I thought-"

" That's why I came to you Niall. I need to know you love her so I can back off. I need to know you're going to take care of her as I would, because right now my heart is telling me I love her more."

I froze. I had never said I loved Domino before. I hadn't even thought about it more than twice. That was moving too quickly for me," Harry I... I can't say I do now. It's too early in the relationship.. I can see myself growing toward it every day more and more though."

He looked down and shook his head," I appreciate the truth Niall, but I know I love her. I've known since the moment when I saw her up in the ceiling at MSG. I wish you would too, because then I would keep away. Now I don't know if I can..."

" Why don't we make her decide?"

" NO," Harry's voice was loud," she told me she would rather run away and live on the streets then have to decide between us."

" When did she tell you that?" I noticed the other three lads had left, and it was just Harry and I.

" Last night. I invited her to come hang out in the garden. Before you say anything or ask anymore questions I wasn't going to make any move on her without knowing what your feelings are for her."

I knew I had to ask the question, but I feared the answer," Have you kissed?"

He nodded.

" When?"

"The morning after your little movie night. She was supposed to go out with me. Didn't she tell you?"

" She was in the dress when I came over."

" Niall, I want to say I'm sorry, but I do love her. I don't know what to do either because-"

" How about you try this Harry. You have had so many girls before in your life. After a while we all lost track of how many, but I have not. Domino is the first girl that I have ever fully let myself like. I can't say love yet because I'm not ready for that. Domino is the first girl that has ever given me a fair chance. Even given the awkward situation she still wasn't awkward or shy. She opened up to me, and so I did to her too. If you take that away I will never be able to forgive myself or you. She means that much to me."

I marched out of the room after that. I had said everything, but now I just needed to confirm my feelings for her.


Domino's P.O.V.

Someone knocked on my door about 20 minutes after I finished texting Niall. I was reading one of the books Harry gave me, and so far it was really good.

" Come in!" I yelled.

I heard the door close and Liam walked in.

" Oh hey! Sorry I was just reading and I figured it was-"

" Niall or Harry? Sorry you get me," he smiled.

" No need to apologize, sit down. What's up?"

" I came because I am worried."

" About what?"

" You and Niall's relationship."

" Oh.. I see. Well umm"

" Harry told us this morning at the band meeting he was in love with you."

My heart rate shot up. I could feel my breathing speed up and I knew I must've looked shocked.

" You didn't know?"

" I knew he had feelings, but he never spoke of the word love in there..."

" He is. However that's now why I came to see you. I don't want Niall's heart broken. He's a sensitive guy, and you are the first girl he's really ever liked. I'm not going to threaten you or anything because I think you're a great person and you would be lovely with Niall, I don't see you doing this, but please don't play games. Pick one of them and stick to them. Niall doesn't love you yet, but I know he will. Just give him time."

" I can promise you that Liam."

" Good. Now, the rest of the lads and I are going to get breakfast without Harry and Niall, care to join?"

I nodded," I'm gonna need all of you to help me get my mind off of things then."

" We can do that!"

I laughed," Good," I added Ill need it to myself as we headed out.

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