Pangaea* (Under revision!)

50.5 million years into the future, and Earth has reverted back to it's original state-the super continent of Pangaea. A new country is born, learning from past mistakes. A girl, riddled with sadness but an unknown power. A boy, with a silver spoon in his mouth and pockets full of money. This infant country is, however, surrounded by war and death, and both boy and girl are no exception. When a government plot threatens to overthrow everything they hold dear, Adelle and Marcus must search themselves to decide what's right.


15. Village







         I sat a little bit away from where Marcus was. He is, currently, disposing the body. We "don't want to get blamed, do we?". I guess he's right, but it feels wrong without a proper ceremony or anything. I scoffed. How childish of me. "Marcus, if we want to get the mission started, we have to get supplies." All I got was a low grunt in response. Snapping into my usual business attitude, I pushed away the raw feelings bubbling up inside of me. I imagined a bottle, and writing down everything I didn't need right now. Pain. Carelessness. Weakness. Love. All of these feelings went into the bottle. Out of sight, out of mind.  

     "I heard there is a town not to far from here. Let's go." Marcus threw down the shove and wiped his hands on his already grimy pants.  I tried to keep from gagging as I saw blood leave dark streaks down the torn fabric. "Alright, let's get moving." I pushed to my feet, scooped up my bag (We had found it on Sparrow-He wouldn't need it now.) and set off into the woods. "Hey Ade,"  Marcus called. "What?" I yelled back. He was holding us up! Not to mention we didn't have any money, so we were going to have to trade with what little we have, or find work somewhere. 

     "Hurry up, Marcus!" I yelled, not waiting for him to catch up. "Your going the wrong way." Oh. I felt my cheeks burn as I abruptly turned around and jogged to catch up with him. "You could've told me that before." I snapped. Marcus just chuckled, before breaking into a full blown sprint.  "Hey!" "Race ya!" Grinning, I slung my bag over my shoulder, before chasing after him.

     Hopping over tree roots and pants, I panted along side Marcus. "Ade, your tired already?!" Marcus said in mock surprise. "As if you kelp for brains!" "Kelp? Really, Ade?" I said nothing, just accelerated, pulling ahead of Marcus. After a few moments of silent running, I began to hear music. Music! It had been so long since I had heard anything so cheerful. I paused for a second, savoring the sounds of trumpets blasting the blues, percussion echoing, and the sad songs of the elegant flute.

     Marcus just now seemed to notice that I'd stopped, and turned around to face me. "Ade?" he asked softly. I nodded my head, letting him know that I'm alright. I closed my eyes, picturing shiny brass instruments, large, worn down drums. I sighed lightly, before turning around curtly and starting to run again. A bit of an awkward silence followed my music debut  but nerveless  neither of us said anything. 

      After what seemed like hours, we finally arrived at the small village. The music had grown louder, and I could clearly see the source was a small tavern nearby.  While Marcus headed towards the small general store across the street, I strolled towards the bar. The large, heavy wooden door creaked as I pushed hard to open in. I quietly shut the door the best I could, then turned around to inspect the small room. Rough, worn wooden boards led to a large bar area, where several cases of wine we on display. A large fire crackled along the wall on the far side, and a group of men were currently playing what looked like poker in from of the flames. Rugs covered the center of the room, and several more tables were scattered around the room. A women, maybe in her 30s, was acting as a waitress, her dirty blonde hair piled up on her head in a sloppy bun. 

       Thankfully, no one looked up at my entrance. I slowly walked in, taking note of the weapons casually thrown on the tables. I walked up to the bar section, where the woman from before was, apparently, sleeping. "Excuse me, miss?"  I asked. I didn't get a reply, just a grunt. Just as I was about to tap the woman, the ragtag band began to play a fast beat song. The male singer started to sing, and I quickly remembered the song.  "I cut my bangs with rusty kitchen scissors. I screamed his name till the neighbors called the cops. I numbed the pain at the expense of my liver, don't know what I did next all I know I couldn't stop." I didn't notice that I'd started singing along until the leader winked at me before continuing. Several couples were making their way onto the already crowded dance floor. On a whim, I raced towards the floor before continuing to sing. Only this time, I was dancing too.  

"I cut my bangs with some rusty kitchen scissors
I screamed his name 'till the neighbors called the cops
I numbed the pain at the expense of my liver
I don't know what I did next all I know, I couldn't stop

Word got around to the barflies and the baptists
My mama's phone started ringin' off the hook
I can hear her now sayin' she ain't gonna have it
Don't matter how you feel, it only matters how you look

Go and fix you make-up, girl it's just a breakup
Run and hide you crazy and start actin' like a lady
'Cause I raised you better, gotta keep it together
Even when you fall apart, but this ain't Mama's Broken Heart

Wish I could be just a little less dramatic
Like a kennedy when Camelot went down in flames
Leave it to me to be holdin' the matches
When the fire trucks show up and there's nobody else to blame

Can't get revenge and keep a spotless reputation
Sometimes revenge is a choice you gotta make
My mama came from a softer generation
Where you get a grip and bite your lip just to save a little face

Go and fix your make-up, girl it's just a breakup
Run and hide you crazy and start actin' like a lady
'Cause I raised you better, gotta keep it together
Even when you fall apart, this ain't Mama's Broken Heart

Powder your nose, Paint your toes
Line you lips and keep 'em closed
Cross your legs and dot your i's
And never let 'em see you cry

Go and fix your make-up, girl it's just a breakup
Run and hide your crazy and start actin' like a lady
'Cause I raised you better, gotta keep it together
Even when you fall apart, well this ain't Mama's Broken Heart"

    I closed my eyes, absorbed in the rhythm of the old country song. Since the take over of our government, music production was abruptly put to a stop, so the present  citizens such as myself have to rely on music from the past. But hey, I'm not complaining! My mouth moved in sync with the lyrics, as I twirled and leaped along to the song. After the event, this song was all I could think of after my Mother's betrayal. I had also taken ballet as a child. The dance was one of anger and betrayal, but also of new beginnings. My body remembered the movements well, and soon I was doing grand leaps and tricks all across the floor, while still trying to sing. 

       All too soon,  the song ended, and I was shocked by the feeling of emptiness that followed the silence. I slowly ended my last turn, and gently picked up my shoes. I'd flunk them off during the dance without realizing it. As I brushed away the flyaway hairs from my forehead, I felt a piercing gaze. Gulping, I slowly looked up, only to notice that everyone in the bar was looking at me. "Well then." I said awkwardly, all the while praying for Marcus to get here soon. "Marcus!" 

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