Pangaea* (Under revision!)

50.5 million years into the future, and Earth has reverted back to it's original state-the super continent of Pangaea. A new country is born, learning from past mistakes. A girl, riddled with sadness but an unknown power. A boy, with a silver spoon in his mouth and pockets full of money. This infant country is, however, surrounded by war and death, and both boy and girl are no exception. When a government plot threatens to overthrow everything they hold dear, Adelle and Marcus must search themselves to decide what's right.


27. Marcus POV once more. . . with an unexpected guest!






       "Ade!" I choked out just as another pulse of pain hit my body. I need to get to her-she's all I have left. I'm all she's got left. The silver of the knife glinted devilishly in the moonlight, and I could see the faint smile on her face. "Ade-" My voice cracked. Digging my hands into the dirt, I pulled myself towards her, but the dagger was already on the path separate life from death. I collapsed, utterly spent. I have to keep going, I have to push! "Come on, you bastard, don't give out on me now." I grunted. My eyes never left hers. "Marcus." Her voice was empty. She didn't sound like someone who lost everything-she sounded like she was a doll. With her blonde hair flowing in the wind, her ocean blue-purple eyes glistening with unshed tears, she looked like an  angel. A broken angel. 


        She turned to look me in the eyes, and I gasped. Ade had never looked more beautiful, but had never been this way. Cold beauty. Broken beauty. "I'm leaving, Marcus. Everyone is waiting." Ade switched her gaze to the sky above. Stars dotted every now and then. The moon was full. Her voice was tranquil-yet she seemed anything but. Fury raced through me suddenly. "Ade-" I coughed violently. Her gaze didn't leave the moon. The voices in my head told me to reach for her. For Ade, my sweet, sweet Ade. "Ade-You have me." The four words took so little time to think of, but an eternity to say. I held my breathe as she turned her head to look. Tears streamed down her face. "I know." 


           The knife was still poised, still ready. Still ready to take my own angel, my free bird away to somewhere I couldn't reach. I pushed myself up-my muscles screaming in agony. I didn't feel the pain. I half crawled/dragged myself to her. Towards my angel. But just as I was about to reach her, just as I was pulling her towards me, something beat me to it. A strong force pushed me back onto the ground, and I saw the knife drop. Black spots danced around me as I craned to see what happened. Anger and shame flowed through me. I'm pathetic- I can't even protect the woman I loved. I cursed myself, and the day I was born. If God is listening, I only have one thing to say. One thing to ask, as I was slipping away. Don't keep me from Her. Then the world went black. 


           A figure stood over the man on the ground. He wasn't really a man-he was just a boy about three quarters of the way there. A tuft of blonde hair stuck out under his arm. The girl was passed out cold. The unknown man trailed a finger softly down her cheek. She stirred. A name was whispered. Marcus. An anger expression crossed over the scarred face of the assault. The scar was fairly recent, and still puckered in the corner. It crossed a handsome face, with a strong, defined jaw, curly masses of dirty blonde hair, and melted chocolate eyes filled with hate. But not when he looked at Her. She was different, She was connected. 

             Her role-and his- hadn't been completed. Although early, he was taking her to her 'rightful' home. With Him. The man glanced down at the boy on the ground and snickered. He kicked the body and got silence as his response. He didn't check for a pulse. Honestly, how could this boy think he could have His gem? This girl was more, more than anyone else knew. She was the cure-she was the hope. Her and the other 29 children in the experiment. But, only 15 remained. She has the highest hopes, the greatest chance. He sincerely hoped she didn't remember the lab. "It was all for the greater good." The man whispered. 

              With this statement, the man turned around briskly, and switched the girl into a bridal style carry. His face softened at the sight of her, but his purpose was unchanged. It was a bit sad, really. He'd wanted to play just a bit longer, before her memories were gone. A faint humming noise broke the man out of his thoughts. A cruel smile spread along his face, and as the hoverboard-like item slowed to a stop in front of him, Arrow turned around to say one last goodbye to his former Vice Captain. 

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