Pangaea* (Under revision!)

50.5 million years into the future, and Earth has reverted back to it's original state-the super continent of Pangaea. A new country is born, learning from past mistakes. A girl, riddled with sadness but an unknown power. A boy, with a silver spoon in his mouth and pockets full of money. This infant country is, however, surrounded by war and death, and both boy and girl are no exception. When a government plot threatens to overthrow everything they hold dear, Adelle and Marcus must search themselves to decide what's right.


2. I have to change me.



Chapter 2



       As I leaned forward, into the stinging rain and blowing winds, something made me stop. What am I doing? I think I'm having some sort of epiphany. I wasn't broken. I wasn't invisible. I'm here, just like everyone else. And leaving this world won't solve anything. If I was to be noticed-to be remembered, I will have to change that. It would be a dishonor to Papa’s memory, to sink myself so low. The next thing I knew, I was laughing. “Have I gone mad?” I said aloud. I stepped away from the edge of my cliff, and slowly climbed back up. Papa and Darren were gone, yes, but I was still here. I was here!

          Finding new energy, I raced back to the cottage. I slammed open the door, ignoring Penelope’s shriek. My mother’s eyes were dry; the only one crying was Andrew. I walked up to my Mother and promptly slapped her across the face. “Janice, why do you hate me? I only ever wanted your approval. Yet even now you sit and don’t shed a tear. Do you feel at all? If you did, you wouldn't have pushed me away. Then, I wouldn't have cringed away when you begged me for forgiveness. Beg forever, bitch. ” Janice sat and stared blankly. I didn't wait for a reply. I turned on my heel and walked out, feeling better than I had for a very, very long time. When I reached the forest, I smiled brightly.

       I was free! I tossed my head back and screamed at the sky. Nothing can hold me back now! Nothing! I was my own person, and nothing can change that. My wings were here! Unfortunately, as I was twirling in my own little bubble of happiness, I tripped. Free or not, I'm still a klutz. I landed hard on my backside, and sat in shock for a second. Then I laughed harder!

      My little bubble popped again. The familiar crunch of twigs and kindle snapped me back to reality. I hesitated, then reached into my back pocket for my hunting knife. I'd never had to use it, since it was just a precaution. Nowadays, the world wasn't safe. I resumed a fighting stance, or at least what I hoped was one. If worse comes to worse, I'll just aim between the legs. That'd hurt the S.O.B!

     When I turned to face the intruder, I was immediately thrown off. My jaw dropped. There, welding a large kitchen knife, was my older sister, Penelope. "Penny. . . what are you doing?" Her semi-pretty face twisted into an unattractive snear. She twirled the knife lazily in her hands. She mumbled something I couldn't catch, but the message was clear. In the blink of an eye, Penelope stood in front me. The knife protruded from my stomach. Tears gathered in my eyes, and I struggled to blink them away. Coughing, I tried to pull myself off of the blade, but Penelope held me there. "Die. Die die die die!" She hissed. My vision was blurring, black spots clouding my vision. I smiled, though. In Between coughing up blood, I choked out, "You know, Penny, they always say that a true friend will. . .stab you in the front." My grin grew as her face transformed into one of pure contempt. She said nothing, and only plunged the knife deeper into my torso before yanking it out and leaving me to bleed out on the grass. Well, I guess that bridge has been burned. 




   Hello! I lied, and updated anyway. What? I was worried the first Chapter was to dark and depressing, so I tried to bring some humor into this chapter.  Where will Adelle go now? Do you think she can ever overcome her own fears? Tell me what you think! Only 4 people have viewed so far, but hey, I can hope, can’t I?

         Write to ya later,





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