Pangaea* (Under revision!)

50.5 million years into the future, and Earth has reverted back to it's original state-the super continent of Pangaea. A new country is born, learning from past mistakes. A girl, riddled with sadness but an unknown power. A boy, with a silver spoon in his mouth and pockets full of money. This infant country is, however, surrounded by war and death, and both boy and girl are no exception. When a government plot threatens to overthrow everything they hold dear, Adelle and Marcus must search themselves to decide what's right.


4. Can it, Trainee




Chapter 4

Can it, Trainee


         As Arrow kissed me, I forgot about the boy behind us. I was too busy raking my hands through Arrow's long, dark hair, letting loose after a long day. "H eh HM. I'm still here you know." I stopped kissing Arrow long enough to turn around. "Your point is?" I asked him, before laying my head on Arrow's shoulder. "What's your name anyway, Trainee? Personally, I couldn't care less, but it's for Him" I said, briefly glancing up at Arrow. I fall over time, but it only takes days for me to love. It's a thing I've never been able to kick.  "Yeah yeah yeah, f*** buddies, just save the p**** for later, k?" Growling, I yanked the arrogant boy to me, before punching him hard enough to send him sprawling across the floor. I could already see the bruise forming. 

        "Now, unless you want a repeat of what just happened, I suggest you listen. So, what. is. your. name?"   "Bartholomew, Bartholomew Chanceton. Sir." I grinned at him, and he seemed to relax. "Sorry, Bart, but I'm not a sir, am I?" Bart visibly paled. "Now, your name sucks. From now on, your Sparrow." Seeing his confused look, I laughed. "I'm not going to explain." Not waiting for a reply, I walked towards the exit, ignoring Arrow. "Training begins tomorrow at dawn. Be there, or it's your hide." 


Sorry that this  Chapter is super short, but I don't have much time. Plus, I need it to be short. Next chapter will make up for it, I promise. *Hides in corner* Don't hurt me, please. Also, At the end of this, play "I'll make a man out of you" from Mulan. Totally fits the next chapter. So, yeppers. This isn't super popular yet, but I can hope can't I? XD 

 Per Usual

Write ya later!


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