Pangaea* (Under revision!)

50.5 million years into the future, and Earth has reverted back to it's original state-the super continent of Pangaea. A new country is born, learning from past mistakes. A girl, riddled with sadness but an unknown power. A boy, with a silver spoon in his mouth and pockets full of money. This infant country is, however, surrounded by war and death, and both boy and girl are no exception. When a government plot threatens to overthrow everything they hold dear, Adelle and Marcus must search themselves to decide what's right.


28. Ades POV






       The harsh, stinging scent of chemicals and cleaners hung in the air. White, a blinding white. The walls, the floors, the coats. A sickly, professional white.  I look to my left, and see no one. We are all no one, anyway. I look to my right. No one. They are wearing white, and as I look down, I see I am as well. There are many no ones, many of us. I try to count, but my head seems foggy. I can't concentrate on anything, except the gun placed in front of me. stark and shocking against the flat white of the table. I know it is a gun, and I know that there is the sickness in those long, ugly barrels. The sickness that took my real family, even though I didn't get sick. Mommy was crying, but she was happy. She said I'd live, but where I am now is nothing but an empty, hellhole.

       A familiar voice breaks through the slight tension that was building in the room. The Commander. She has no other name, we only know her as The Commander.



    The first thing that I noticed when I pried my eyes awake was the undbearable pounding in my head. The second was that I wasn't outside. Third, I wasn't with Marcus. And the forth was that I wasn't dead.

     Everything came rushing back as soon as that last thought crossed my mind. The knife, Marcus passing out, someone hitting me from behind. Inwardly, I cursed myself for not going through with it in time. Tears pooled in my eyes as the pain of reality once again hit me. Slowly, and still crying, I pushed myself into a sitting position. I tried to ignore the screaming in my head, but couldn't hold back the murmer of pain that escaped from my lips. Carfully, so I would hurt myself any further, I looked around the room. 'How ironic, that I wanted to die but I am being so careful.' Without thinking, I shook my head. I jammed my fist into my mouth, trying to murder the strangled, painfilled sound.

    Slowly, I looked around the room. It was white, painfully white, and it made my eyes hurt. There was no furniture, and what I was laying on was nothing more than a simple cot. I looked down at myself, wincing along the way, before yelping in surprise. I was wearing a standard medical nightgown-that was open in the back- and nothing else.

    A warm blush spread across my face. However, that feeling of bashfullness did not last for long. Quickly, it was replaced with anger. Who had changed me?! Where was I? Where was Marcus. . .

       Suddenly, I heard a whoosh, and what seemingly looked like just a wall opened up to reveal none other than Arrow. Darren, I should say, the man who had left me. Killed me. "What do you want?" I snarled. "Why am I here?" Darren chuckled before making his way over to my cot and sitting down next to me. I tried to scoot away, but I was still weak, and he slithered his arm around me. "Oh, Adella, I think the answer is pretty self explanitory. I want you." I gasped and tried to shove him away, but to no avail. "You ruined any chance of that the day you left." I hissed. As much as I would like to admit that the only emotion I had left for this man was contempt, that would be a total and utter lie. I could not totally hate Darren-He had been there.

     He had been my rock. He had been my sword. He used to be my husband. He was the father of my child. Our past it deep-and that only makes it harder to hate him. I heard a saying, once, a long time ago. Trust is like a mirror. Once it's broken, sure, you can always put it back together again. Along the way, you'll get cut. You'll bleed. Piece by piece, it'll fit back together. But you'll still see the crack in that reflection, no matter what.
    Darren continued to speak. "We were meant for each other, Ade, can't you see that? We had everything! But we were apart, I am sad to say. You betrayed me, Adella." The look in his eyes was nothing short of the word 'crazed'. His grip on my tightened, almost to the point of me crying out. I had to normalize him, but I didn't know what. Suddenly, it hit me. Heisitantly, I raised my hand so that it trailed down his left cheekbone, before raising my lips to his ear. "I'm sorry, Darren Bear."

    The ends of his mouth slowly turned upwards until it resembled the childlike grin I used to live for. "Oh Boo Bear, it's okay! We can be together again, just like before." I debated my choices-the wrong words could get me killed. I was stepping on glass-and I knew it. " But, Darren Bear, someone else needs me." His chocolate brown eyes lost the slim glimmar of innocence they had, and reverted back into a warped state of cruelty. Darren chuckled darkly. "You mean Marcus? Sweetheart, he already has a death sentence. However," He trailed a finger down my cheek, just as I had moments before. "a deal could be arranged."

     In that moment, I knew that I loved Marcus. I knew that I loved everything about him. I loved his eyes, I loved his hair. I loved that fierce, but soft look of determination in his eyes. I loved that he had never, not once given up on me. He didn't see me as a poor soul, a trainwreck of a person. He saw Ade. I love Marcus.

I will do anything to save him.

  "Ade, if you agree to stay with me, and have your memories erased, then we will cure Marcus. We'll treat his wounds. We'll give him the cure for the virus. We'll save him." Darren whispered in my ear. Swallowing the growing lump in my throat, I nodded. The grin was back, and it was positively dazzling. Maybe, this time around, I could learn to love him. "I-I want to see him first." The grin didn't budge. "That can be arranged. I love you, Ade."  As he leaned in to kiss me, my thoughts were as follows:

  'Marcus, wherever you are, I love you. You'll live. Please, please forget about me, and live on. I love you.'


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