Age is just a number

Janessa is a girl who ages back. She's bullied by everyone and is also known as a curse due to some crazy old hag who is her grandmother and spread the word. Janessa is no curse. But her time is almost near to leave earth. Her only regret is that she never loved. What happens when she finally meets the love of her life? Is he the love of her life? What if it was just a dare but that dare resulted into love? Read to find out!


16. Waking up Janessa's POV

 I woke up and heard some soft snoring, I opened my eyes a bit more and saw that I was wrapped in Harry's arms. I just laid there in his arms gazing at his beautiful features.  The way his chest rises a bit every time he breathes. How can a girl like me, get a guy like Harry? Damnit, I'm being negative again. Why can't I accept the fact that Harry likes me, and I like him. 

 I just pushed the thought aside and got up off the bed.

 "Nooo, come back," I turned around to see Harry's eyes were open. I looked at him smiling, he's just so cute. I climbed back into the bed and sat down next to him with my legs crossed,"lay down with me please?" I shook my head, I've been in bed for too long. He frowned and pulled me into his body.

 "Harry! It's time to get up," I whined. His grip only tighten around my body. I started kissing his neck then his lips. His grip loosened up and I took that as my Que. to get out of bed. He sighed and got up off the bed after me.

 I made my way to the bag of clothes that were still on the floor. I took out a purple shirt with white shorts, and a pair of white converse. I started undressing in the room. I didn't even bother going all the way to the bathroom. I mean my undergarments were clean, I had changed them so no worries. After I was done I looked behind me and Harry's was sat on his bed with his eyes wide open.

 "What?" I asked.

 "You dressed in front of me..." I started putting the clothes away and walked over to Harry.

 "So?" He just smiled and looked down.

 "So what do you want to do today?" He asked. I was about to say something but then I started to feel a sharp pain in my heart. I bent forward in pain,"Janessa are you ok!?" I couldn't say anything, I was in too much pain. I started breathing heavy and my heart beat was increasing. I'm starting to get scared! What's happening to me? I fell to the ground and put a hand up to my chest. Now I'm really scared!

 "H-Harry! What's happening to me!?" I said in a very timid voice. Why isn't he doing anything!? Then the guys burst into the room.

 "Harry? What's wrong with Janessa!" I looked up at the guys who were now down to my level. Liam wrapped me in us arms.

 "I don't know! I-I asked her what she wanted to do today then she started acting like this!" 

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