Age is just a number

Janessa is a girl who ages back. She's bullied by everyone and is also known as a curse due to some crazy old hag who is her grandmother and spread the word. Janessa is no curse. But her time is almost near to leave earth. Her only regret is that she never loved. What happens when she finally meets the love of her life? Is he the love of her life? What if it was just a dare but that dare resulted into love? Read to find out!


4. Should I? Janessa's POV

 I'm going to run away. That's what I'll do. I can't trust anyone or anything. I'm just really paranoid! I give someone my heart and next thing I know their throwing it away and I've been hurt too many times by too many people, and that's never going to change or be different!

 I got up and stumbled a bit. I still felt dizzy.

 I spotted my clothes. Wait are they my clothes? I walked to the clothes. There was a note on the top, I picked it up and read it,

 Hey Janessa I bought you these new clothes and threw away your old ones. Hope you like them!

 - Harry

 He did not throw my clothes away! I looked at the clothes he bought me. There were a pair of white booty shorts, white shirt, orange Jack Wills hoodie, and a pair of white converse. How did he even know my sizes? I really don't like the outfit. It's too bright. I'm more into darker colors, and I hate to wear shorts! I don't like it when my legs are exposed. The only skin I show is my face and hands, nothing else! But he threw away my clothes so it's either this, the blue gown I was wearing, or go commando! I rather wear the clothes ha. 

 I slipped everything on. I'm glad Harry got me a hoodie. That would cover my arms. I have to wear the same undergarments though. That's nasty but it would be creepy and weird if Harry would have gotten me underwear and a bra. It's not like I even have a lot of undergarments anyway. I'm poor! I brushed my brown, long, strait hair to the side with my hand, and put my hood on. Then I took a deep breath before stepping out of the room. Get ready to get made fun of.

 I slowly opened the door and stepped outside. Everyone stopped what they were doing and glared at me. I looked at each and every person glaring at me, disgust spread across their faces. I finally spotted Harry and walked up to him.

 "Hi Harry I'm ready," he was looking at a magazine and then looked up at me, he then looked down at his magazine, and then did a double take. He looked me up and down.

 "You look great in the outfit I bought you, sorry for throwing the other ones away they were just so torn and faded," I looked down at the outfit in bit disgust.

 "It's alright and thank you, you didn't have to though." Really he didn't have to. He got up, and started getting closer to me.

 "But I wanted to," He started to lean down towards my face, what does he think he's doing? I backed away from him. He

opened one eye and then turned completely red. Was he about to kiss me? Oh hell no!

 "What were you going to do?" I asked a bit curious at his answer, I already knew he was going to kiss me I just want to see what he says.

 "Um...I wasn't going to do anything..." I couldn't help but laugh, he turned even redder, I haven't laughed in a long time,"lets just go ok?" I just nodded. He intertwined our hands but I pulled mine away. He looked at me and he looked hurt. I didn't see why we had to hold hands,"do you not like me?"

 "Why would you ask that?"

 "Never mind," he looked down at his feet suddenly becoming the most interesting thing in the world. I stopped him in his tracks and cupped his face, I pulled his face down to mine and smashed my lips onto his, I have no idea why! He started kissing back. Then I pulled away. He bit his lower lip. Did I really leave him wanting more? Janessa snap out of it! He doesn't like you and you don't like him! Harry gave me a cheeky smile.

 "What?" I asked.

 "Nothing," he just looked down and smiled. What game is he playing at?

 Harry walked me up to a car which I'm guessing is his. I sat in the front with him. He turned on the radio and began to sing along to the song.

 "You have a really nice voice Harry," I complemented, I wasn't lying he's a really good singer.

 "Thank you," He again reached for my hand, this time I didn't back away. But why? What's going on with me? Is possible that I have a crush on him? No I don't ! AAAAH I'm so confused. It just feels right. 

 We arrived at a huge house. Harry helped me out of the car and into the house.

 "Guys I'm home!" Suddenly four guys ran into the room.

 "Welcome back Hazza!" One with a striped shirt and red pants said.

 "Hey boobear!" He walked up to the striped boy and hugged him. Um ok weird. I stood still a bit awkwardly,"hey guysI want you to meet Janessa! She's going to be staying here with us so behave!" I giggled a bit. There's something in the way he said it that made it funny.

 "Hi! I'm Niall!" The blond one said.

 "Hi," He came up to me and hugged me. 

 "Hi I'm Zayn," the one with the black hair said, he also hugged me.

 "Hello I'm Louis! Call me Lou!" He also hugged me.

 "Hi I'm Liam, you can call my Li," Again I got hugged. Then Harry came up to me.

 "Hello love! I'm Harry!" I laughed. Damn this boy and making me laugh! 

 "Well it's getting pretty late, I'm going to bed night guys night Janessa," Said Liam. They all did the same. 

 "You'll be sleeping with me," I really didn't want to but I am tired.

 "I can sleep on the couch," I suggested.

 "Do you really think I'm going to let you sleep on the couch?" I just looked down and nodded my head no.

 We entered his room, it wasn't really messy, just a bit. He handed me some boxers and a purple shirt.

 "Here you can wear some of my clothes to sleep in," 

 "Thanks," I walked into his bathroom to change and then walked out. I'm going to escape at night when he's sleeping. I wanted to sleep in the living room on the couch because that way I wouldn't make as much noise when I left.

 He was already in bed shirtless. He patted the spot next to him. I walked over to him and laid next to him. I scoot a bit away from him.  

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