Age is just a number

Janessa is a girl who ages back. She's bullied by everyone and is also known as a curse due to some crazy old hag who is her grandmother and spread the word. Janessa is no curse. But her time is almost near to leave earth. Her only regret is that she never loved. What happens when she finally meets the love of her life? Is he the love of her life? What if it was just a dare but that dare resulted into love? Read to find out!


9. Saving the freak Louis's POV

 Harry's mad at me now, I was only saying the truth! But I do know how calling Janessa a freak would get Harry mad and Janessa. I gave Harry a sorry look. I wasn't the only one who thought she was a freak! 

 Harry ran after Janessa. Minutes later he came back entering the house, and slamming the door behind him. He walked up to me, and held his fist up to my face, then he put up his index finger, then he clenched my shirt. I was really scared at this point. He was still, clenching me shirt. He looked down to his side, then at me, tears forming in his eyes. He let go of me and sprinted up the stairs to his room. Seconds later the guys and I heard a door slam shut. 

 I looked over at the guys.

 "But I wasn't the only one who thought she was a freak!" They all just looked down rubbing the back of their necks, I sighed angerly and walked out the house. I slammed the door behind me and decided to go for a walk and cool down.

 I started walking strait then passed an alley. I heard some sniffling come from the dark alley. I started walking slowly deeper into the alley. Then I heard a loud thud. As if someone or something had fallen flat on the ground. I picked up my pace. Then I came at a stop where a girl laid face down on the ground. I knelt down to her level and turned her over. It was Janessa!

 "Nooooooooo!" She was loosing a lot of blood from her wrist. I picked her up in my arms and started running to the nearest hospital.

 Minutes later I arrived at a hospital. I sprinted inside to a women who was sitting at a round tall desk.

 "This girl needs help! NOW!" The women nodded nervously. I did seem pretty scary at the moment. But I can't let Janessa die! Nurses and doctors came. They were about to take her when they saw her face.

 "Get the freak out if here before she infects and curses us all!" Yelled one of the nurses.

 "I don't give a damn! Your going to save this girl's life! I don't care if you think she's a curse! So why don't you all put aside your feelings towards this poor girl, do your job, and help her!" I yelled at each and everyone of the nurses and doctors who now stood still, shocked before me. One of the doctors took Janessa into a room. I feel so stressed right now. This is all my fault! She could die and it would all be my fault!

 I was pacing back and forth in the waiting room. 

 **********2 hours later*************

 The doctor who had taken Janessa walked up to me.

 "She's fine now, just don't let her cut herself more, she can leave today," the doctor said not making eye contact with me. I think he was still scared of me from what I had said earlier. But he had it coming!

 "Can I see her?" I asked.

 "Yes, now if you'll excuse me I need to go somewhere," the doctor speed walked away from me. I made my way to Janessa's room. I opened the door a crack, I peeked inside Janessa was fast asleep. I thought the doctor said I could see her? I thought she was awake. I walked in closing the door slowly and quietly behind me. I walked up to her pale small body. She looks so peaceful and....beautiful when she sleeps. No wonder Harry likes her. I sat down next to her bed, I grabbed her small hand in mine. I kissed it softly. I looked at her. She's no freak, she's a beautiful girl. She reminds me a lot of my ex-girlfriend Eleanor.(I need Louis to be single for now! He will get back with her! I love Eleanor and have nothing against her! :) ) now that I look at her, I think I may be developing some sort of feeling towards her. She's just so innocent.

 I put my hand up to her cheek. Her eyes fluttered open. She looked at me shocked, and took her hand out of mine.

 "What are you doing here!? Leave! Now!" Ouch, I'm feeling loved!

 "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I was stupid and immature! Please Janessa don't be mad at Harry for something I told him to do, please forgive him, and please forgive me," I let a tear flow down my cheek. I looked at her, her face expressions went from mad to a sort of hurt and sad look.

 "You hurt me really bad. It wasn't right of you and Harry to play with my feelings like that. I may be a freak but that doesn't give you the right to play with my feelings! Why didn't you just leave me to die!? I wanted to die! First Harry now you! I thought you thought I was a freak!?" Her face went back to angry.

 "I know I was stupid! I didn't even take the time to get to know you! I saved you because you have the right to live. Your beautiful Janessa and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Please forgive me, or at least forgive Harry, this is none of his fault. He's at home right now crying his eyes out because he thinks this is all his fault! He thinks you hate him. Please it's none of his fault the only thing he's guilty of is falling in love with you. I see the way he looks at you. He loves you Janessa. Please, just please I'm begging you to forgive Harry," Her expressions softened. She put her hand up to mycheek, then she pulled me into a hug.

 "No one has ever apologized to me, ever, or ever even cared about me. Thank you Louis. I forgive Harry, and you," I pulled away from the hug, and a smile was on Janessa's face. If didn't take long for a smile to creep up on my face.

 "Thank you!" I hugged her again. We pulled away. I looked into her eyes and started to smile and laugh nervously. I found myself moving slowly closer towards her. What am I doing! She's dating Harry. But I guess that wasn't a good enough reason because I pressed my lips against her soft lips. I kissed her gently. I put my hands on her hips. Soon she kissed back. I didn't want to pull away. Her hands travelled up and down my back. It tickled a bit. Then she pulled away.

 "Um....." She looked at me confused and nervous.

 "I'm sorry! I-I was just caught up in the moment! I'm sorry! Please I beg of you, don't tell Harry I kissed you! It will never happen again!"

 "I won't as long as you don't! I was too caught up in the moment. This will be our little secret," she looked at me in the eyes, damn those beautiful big brown eyes.

 "Can I tell you something?" She just nodded,"I really liked the kiss," she looked away from my gaze and began to blush like crazy. I pulled her face towards me. She bit her bottom lip looking at me,"I also will try and win you, even if it means going against my best friend," I kissed her on the cheek.

 "Y-you like m-me?" I pulled her in for another kiss. What was I doing! 

 "Does that answer your question," she looked at me a bit mad, which I thought was cute.

 "Please Louis, I really do like Harry maybe even love. Right now I really could use a best friend, maybe a best friend who likes to wear red pants and stripped shirts," she started to laugh.

 "I'll try, but it's going to be really hard being in the friend zone when I really would like to be in the boyfriend zone," I looked down a bit disappointed knowing that she had no feelings towards me. 

 "Please Lou, will you just be my friend? I could really use one when I get annoyed with Harry," she said the last part playfully 

while laughing.

 "But I thought I was your BEST friend?" I said looking at her hurt, then turning the hurt look into a big smile. She started laughing.

 "Your my best best best friend!" She pulled me into a hug.

 "The kiss will be a secret between us right?" I asked. She nodded while putting a strand of hair out of my face and onto the side. I smiled at her it sure is going to be hard just being her friend. But for her I'd be a in the friend zone. I told her she could leave now. I walked out of her room and waited for her to change. Minutes later she walked out of the room, and we made our way back home.

 We stood outside of the house, both of us taking deep breaths before walking in,Catching everyone's gazes. Oh boy.

 Hey guys sorry it took me so long to update I've just been really busy lately, I only have time for reading stories but not updating them sorry but here's the update! Hope you guys liked it! 



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