Age is just a number

Janessa is a girl who ages back. She's bullied by everyone and is also known as a curse due to some crazy old hag who is her grandmother and spread the word. Janessa is no curse. But her time is almost near to leave earth. Her only regret is that she never loved. What happens when she finally meets the love of her life? Is he the love of her life? What if it was just a dare but that dare resulted into love? Read to find out!


2. Saving a freaks life Janessa's POV

  I woke up in room? I also woke up a bit swore. There was a doctor fixing the bandages around my arms while mumbling,

 "Ugh why do I have to help the freak? *Sigh* I'm being payed, I'm being payed," the doctor was being payed to help me? No wonder. But who's paying for me? I have no money what so ever. The doctor still hadn't noticed I was awake. He finished changing my bandages then looked at me once and did a double take, the second time he was shocked.

 "AAAAAAAH it's awake!" I felt tears burn in my eyes. The doctor quickly walked out of the room only to bump into a tall curly haired boy,"she's ok now, just change her bandages everyday or when needed, she can leave today, heck even right now if you'd like! Now pay up Styles!" The doctor said in one quick breath, the boy a bit shocked quickly took money out of his wallet and handed it to the doctor. The doctor snatched the money and sprinted out of the room. That's when I let everything out once again. All the pain, all the humiliation, all the sadness, all the hate, all of those things I let out in form of tears.

 The boy ran up to me. I was expecting for the boy to realize who I was, say a mean comment, then runaway like everyone else. Instead he wrapped me into a hug? Huh?

 "What's wrong love?" I was too shocked to say anything.

  He pulled away from the hug and wiped away my tears.

 "I'm a freak that's what's wrong," I finally responded.

 "Your not a freak. Why would you say that?" Is this guy for real? Does he not know who I am? That's why he's being so nice to me *sigh* I'm going to tell him who I am. Janessa get ready to add another person to your list of haters.

 "Don't you know who I am? I'm the freak girl who ages backwards!" He stood still, stunned at my sudden comment,"just say your horrid comments now and leave!"

 "I do know who you are. But I don't think your a freak," what? 

 "But I'm different! A freak! A curse!"

 "I don't think your a curse or a freak, I think your a miracle and a beautiful girl," he gave me a small smile,"I've known you for a long time I was just too shy to talk to you..."

 "But I was old and ugly and-" 

 "Young at heart." He interrupted,"and your aging backwards into a beautiful girl," I couldn't help but smile. He thinks I'm

beautiful? This must be some sort of prank or dare. Too good to be true. But I decided to just play along.

 "Thank you? Now  I guess you can leave, thank you for all the help." 

 "Wait what's your name?"

 "Janessa Will, and yours is?"

 "Harry Styles, oh and where do you live?" Oh no what do I say?

 "I don't have a home."

 "Ok now you are going to live with me, I'll wait for you outside."


 "No butts! Get ready, your coming home with me," I'm going to be living with the Harry styles. Oh no, what kind of sick game is he playing at? I know what I'll have to do. Once I get to his house at night I will...

 Hey guys hope you like this story and chapter! What do you think she's going to do at night at Harry's house? Hmmmmmm. Find out tomorrow! 



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