Age is just a number

Janessa is a girl who ages back. She's bullied by everyone and is also known as a curse due to some crazy old hag who is her grandmother and spread the word. Janessa is no curse. But her time is almost near to leave earth. Her only regret is that she never loved. What happens when she finally meets the love of her life? Is he the love of her life? What if it was just a dare but that dare resulted into love? Read to find out!


13. Arriving at home and kiss Janessa's POV

 "Babe wake up," I heard someone say to me, I just groaned and scoot my body closer to Harry's,"babe you gotta get up, you can sleep once we get inside," now I recognized who was talking to me, Harry. 

 I hid my head in Harry's chest and sighed very tired. I heard a door open, Harry must have gotten out, it was so warm in the car. Then I felt myself get picked up, I felt the cool breeze and automatically knew I was out in the cool air away form the warm air in the car. I stretched my hands out to the car door and tugged at it, I didn't want to get out of the car, I heard him laugh and pulled me away from the car, I heard the car door close, my eyes were still closed, I'm extremely tired. 

  Then I felt warm again, I opened my eyes and found myself inside still in Harry's arm. I kissed him on the cheek and buried my face into his arm pot, yeah I know weird but that's where he's really warm. I felt myself be passed over, but I just ignored it, Harry must just be walking or something.

 Harry's POV

 I passed Janessa over to Zayn and told him to take her up to my room, and  put her to bed while I got some dinner. It's pretty Kate now, it's 9:45 pm, Zayn took Janessa, and I went strait into the kitchen to accompany Niall at dinner.

 Janessa's POV

 I wrapped my arms around Harry's neck, and started playing with his hair, but it felt different, it felt a bit silkier, and longer, I also couldn't find or feel any of his curls, I just ignored those thoughts and wrapped my arm around his neck. Harry also felt a bit warmer, the texture of his clothes also felt different, again I just pushed the thought away. 

 I heard a door open, I still kept my eyes shut as if it were so hard to open them, well in my case it is! My eyes feel extremely heavy, and my body is just so relaxed, my body fits perfectly with Harry's just like two puzzle pieces that go together. 

 I was laid down on a soft surface, which I'm guessing is a bed, when I felt my body was completely on the bed I pulled Harry down to my lips, our lips moving in sync. His lips also felt different, the way he kissed was a bit romantic if that's even possible, his kisses were gentle. I wrapped my legs around his torso and pulled him down onto my body. His hands slid up and down my hips, tickling me a bit. 

 He also smelt a bit like...smoke? I didn't know Harry smoked. Well again I don't know many things about him. 

 The stumbles of hair on his chin and cheeks tickled at my face. But I thought Harry shaved today? I pulled away form the kiss and realized that I had just made out with...

 "Zayn!?" He quickly got off me.

 ""I-I-I um... I'm sorry I didn't mean to! Your just so beautiful, and your lips they were just so soft, and well you started kissing me-"

 "Yeah! Because I thought you were Harry!" It was dark in the room but I could still tell he was blushing.

 "I'm sorry just please! Please don't tell Harry! It won't happen again I swear! I was just caught up in the moment," I saw a small tear roll down his cheek, I got up and quickly wiped it away, and hugged him.

 "No I'm sorry it's my fault, I won't tell if you won't," he pulled away and nodded his head fast while looking nervous. I rubbed his shoulder trying to calm him down. 

 "Good night," he said and left the room.

 I can't believe I kissed Zayn, and kinda liked it. The worst part is I now have two secrets I have to keep form Harry. 1.) I kissed Louis and 2.) I kissed Zayn. Shouldn't I tell him though? I mean it would be worse if he founds out later. But what if he doesn't fine out and everything goes smoothly. Well I would have to live with the guilt of cheating on him. I have to tell him tomorrow.

 "Hey babe, I thought you were asleep," he shut the door and walked up to the bed.

 "Well now I'm not really tired, but I'm going to bed now," Harry took his shirt off and laid in bed, I crawled in after him and scoot my body close to his.

 "Good night babe, I love you," now I really feel guilty! 

 "Night Harry I love you too," he kissed the top of my head. 

 I have to tell Harry. It's the right thing to do.

 Hey guys hope you guys liked the update! If not ok :p 

 xoxoxoxox- joselyn 


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