Tears Fall On My Piano

A poem about unrequited love. Inspired by Taylor Swift's 'Teardrops On My Guitar'.


1. Tears Fall On My Piano

He looks through me

like I don’t even exist.

I suppose, to him,

I’m just another face in the crowd.


I stare, hoping and praying

that he will turn and see me.

But I might as well be reaching out

to touch a distant star.


I can’t talk and can’t breathe

when I see his handsome face,

With those beautiful eyes

and that cheeky smile.


My friends are telling me to take a chance

and tell him how I feel,

But what’s the use

when he doesn’t even see me?


Drip, drip, drop;

My tears fall on my piano

like the notes of a melancholy love song

that I keep humming to myself.


He smiles past me at the girl walking up behind me,

She’s so beautiful, everything I wish I were.

And she has everything I wish I had,

Everything that I wish we could be.


He looks like he’s so in love,

Kissing her, and all the while

my heart is breaking in two.

And the tears fall on my piano.

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