The Kids Next Door

Millie, Carlee, and Jackie move to London, England. Little do they know, the kids next door are the biggest boy band on Earth...


4. Making Love

*warning Sexual Content*

Louis' POV

She snuggled up to my back. It just felt right. I started up the engine, revved it a little bit, and started to drive. Once we got there I stopped and parked the motor cycle. We hopped off, took our helmets off, and I snaked my arms around her waist. 

"Close your eyes," I whispered into her ear and they closed. I led her to the London eye, once we were at the top, I told her to open her eyes. 

"Oh my..." She said. I turned her to where she looked me in the eyes. 

"Millie, I love you and I never want to let you go, will you do the honors if being mine?" I asked. A huge grin appeared on her face. 

"Yes, of course, absolutely," she said before I smashed my lips against hers. 

Millie's POV

"Yes, of course, absolutely," I said before he smashed his lips against mine. His tongue begged for entrance until I allowed. He slid his tongue into my mouth and I slid mine into his. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he started to pull my shirt up and I pushed his hands down and we pulled apart. 

"When we get to your house," I said seducively, quickly giving him a kiss before I got down. The London eye started up and we got to the bottom, got on the motor cycle, and drive home. The boys were at my house so we had their house all to ourselves. 

"Now where did we leave off," Louis said when we got to his room. I took off my jacket and shoes, wrapped my legs around his waist, and we started kissing. This time my tongue begged for entrance, and he allowed. He started to pull my shirt up, and I let him, we took turns undressing eachother until we were each only in our under wear. He unhooked my bra slipped it off and he slipped my panties off. I slipped his boxers off and he took a break to put a condom on. Once he did that he slammed me against the wall and said, "Millie I want to be inside of you," he started kissing my neck until he found my soft spot and he started sucking and I was moaning, "Louis, I want you in me."

"On three," he said, "one... Two... Three," right the he thrusted inside of me. I started moaning in pleasure. He hit my g-spot every time. Pulled out and thrusted in so deep I screamed in pleasure. After all the excitement, we got dressed and went over to my house. 

When we walked in everybody looked at us and Jackie ran up to me, hugged me, and yelled, "Millie where the crap have you been?! We called and texted you so much!!" I checked my phone, it was true, I had 43 missed calls and 89 texts. 

"Well me and Millie were having a little fun at my house, if ya know what I mean," he said while doing his signature hip thrust. The boys whistled and congratulated him while the girls glared at me. 

"Don't worry, he used protection," I whispered to them and they giggled, "alright, I'm going to change into something more comfortable," I walked up the stairs with Louis following me. 

"Louis haven't you seem enough today?" I asked with him straddling me on my bed. 

"No," he said while grinning sheepishly. 

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