The Kids Next Door

Millie, Carlee, and Jackie move to London, England. Little do they know, the kids next door are the biggest boy band on Earth...


5. Big Fat Cheater, Lies, and A New Boyfriend?

Millie's POV


"Well I have," I said pushing him off. I put on some sweats, a white tee, and a grey hoodie. I picked Louis up and carried him downstairs. 

"Guys I'm hungry I'm going to get some McDonalds!" I exclaimed. 

"I'm coming too!" Niall said following me. We went and got food and came back to find no Louis. 

"He's back at our house," Zayn said. I nodded. I walked over to their house and opened the door. I heard strange noises from upstairs. I slowly crept up the stairs to hear the noises coming from Louis' room. Weird. I open the door to find Louis straddling Eleanor and them making out with Louis' hand down her pants and the other one up her shirt.

"LOUIS!!!!!" I yelled. He pulled his hand out of her pants and shirt and looked up. I could already feel the tears forming in my eyes. 

"Oh my god Mill it's not what it looks like!" He said. 

"No, it's exactly what it looks like," and with that I went running out of the house, into my house, past everybody, and into my room. That's were I started bawling my eyes out. 

Niall's POV

I just saw Mill run up to her room crying and Louis come running in after her. 

Liam stopped him and yelled, "what the fuck did you do?!?!" I ran up after Millie so I didn't hear the rest I the conversation. 

I knocked on the door, "MiMi, it's NiNi, can I come in?" I asked. 

"I d-don't c-care," she sobbed. I opened the door and locked it behind me. She was under her duvet, sobbing. I walked over and crawled under the duvet. I wrapped my arms around her and she sobbed into my chest. 

"What happened MiMi?" I asked. And she told me everything, "I'm going to kill that bastard!!!" I yelled getting up and running down stairs. 

I spotted him, "Louis..." I growled jumping onto him and I started punching him. It took Liam, Zayn, Harry, Carlee, and Jackie to pull me off him. I punched him in the face one last time and went upstairs to Millie. I opened the door, slammed it closed, locked, sat on the bed, and put my head in my hands. Millie sat up and wrapped her arms around me. 

"What happened?" She asked in a cracking voice. 

"I just beat the crap out of Louis," I said, my voice cracking. I wrapped my arms around Millie who was considerably tiny, "I will never let anyone hurt you, ever again, I love you," then, she kissed me! I didn't kiss her. I started kissing back. I pulled her closer. We pulled apart to catch our breath and my eyes were wide. 

"You were always my favorite, plus I figured you were gonna do that," she said, snuggling up to me. We layed down and fell asleep. 

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