#BestMatesGirl [A #TG Sequel]

Two months has passed since Ally was branded as the elusive #TargetGirl. Two months has passed since she met One Direction. Ally Khrystn Sophia Wyatt is now dating one of Britain's heart-throbs, Liam Payne of One Direction and life couldn't get more perfect.
And well, it doesn't.
Now Ally couldn't get over the feelings she ignored. The feelings she could not act upon.
Her feelings for Harry could end One Direction. Could end her relationship with Liam.
Harry returns from his vacation in the Carribeans following his break-up with superstar Taylor Swift. He's unsure of why Liam isn't his normal self. Why is he pissed at a signal word of Ally? Why doesn't he want Harry and Ally in the same room?
And to make matters worse, Taylor Swift releases a hit single that just might shed some light on their sudden break-up. Tensions arise as friendships and loyalty are put to the test
#BestMatesGirl dwells on the trend started worldwide as the entire world discovers a hidden secret within the band.


4. #Speechless

Ally’s POV




Five days has passed since that day.

The day that I got thrown off my feet and my world changed.

The day that Liam had dramatically changed into something more sweet, caring and … yeah, possessive.

Returning from my shopping spree with Eleanor and Perrie, I expected another run of the mill day with them and the guys.

But, of course that didn’t happen.

Liam had pulled me into a hug, squeezing me tightly as if afraid to let go. As if he feared I would disappear, run away or be swept off my feet by another guy, the minute he let go.

Eleanor and Perrie [who turned out to be observative] noticed the change in Liam. The way that he, every few seconds reached out and placed a hand on me as if to reassure himself I was still there.

Their eyes widened and instructively I had my phone out ready for the text I knew Eleanor would send.

Seconds later, my phone vibrated.




I just shrugged at the brunette and eyed my boyfriend.

Louis, Zayn and Niall weren’t so surprised by his sudden change in behaviour.

Something had happened.

“Liam, is everything alright?”

Those were the words I’d said.

Thinking back now, I wished I’d rephrased my question… but no, my big trap had to go and ask that.

“Yeah. Everything’s great,” he had replied. “Why wouldn’t it be?” his eyes pierced me.

I shook my head.

“Good,” he had muttered under his breath.

Hours later, he pulled me aside, pulled my hand out towards him, and curled my fingers shut after placing something cold, small and metallic inside.

Uncurling my fingers, my brows arched in confusion.

A key.

For what? A locker? A car? A house? A box?

The possibilities were limitless.

“A key? What for?” I’d asked.

“To my heart,” he’d replied, smiling widely but a tinge of uncertainty hidden behind it.

He was uncertain of what I’d make of his words because really he had just left himself bare.

In other words, he’d just in some way told me what he really felt for me.

My breath caught.

“Your…” I let the thoughts trail off into the unknown.

“It’s your key to the apartment.”

My mouth hung open in an ‘o’ expression.

I stood stunned, but still held on to the key.

A key? To his apartment?

That was a huge step. Not just a huge one. A monumentus one.

Finally, the only understandable explanation to Liam’s strange behaviour was revealed the next day as Twitter was all abuzz about the news of Harry and Taylor’s break-up.

Trends of it all over Twitter.









At seeing this, I was gob-smacked.


@AllyKhrystN: ??? #Speechless


Even after that, Liam denied having any knowledge beforehand and of course, I suspected it to be false. No way would they, he, not know. They were Harry’s best mates. The first ones he’d call.

After that, Liam took me out, date after date, wooing me with gifts and making me giddy all over.

Yesterday I’d even heard him mutter under his breath, “Mine,” probably hoping I wouldn’t hear.

My mind played games with me, reminding me that Harry was single but I wasn’t.

Did Liam know? Was that the cause of his change of behaviour?

Did he suspect my feelings [uncertain ones] for Harry?

Gosh I hope not.

“ALS!” I heard Nathan call from downstairs, bringing me out of my thoughts.

I refused to reply, still groggy from my late night out yesterday.

Stretching my arms, I walked over to my full body length mirror.

“ALS?” Nathan repeated.

Still, I ignored him.

My hair was a mess, proven by the mirror. Dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep. Lips dry from dehydration as my throat scorched with thirst and from lack of proper lip foundation.

Pulling my hair out of its messy ponytail I salvaged my beauty, or whatever I could salvage.

“ALS, Liam’s here!!!” Nathan called out.

“I’m coming,” I finally replied, anxious to see Liam.

Brushing my teeth and fluffing my locks, I pulled on my jeans and a jacket over my sleeveless tee.

I rushed down, nearly falling flat on my face as I missed a landing.

Breathless, I stood in front of my cousin.

“Where’s he?” I asked. “Where’s he?”

Nathan chuckled. “Knew that would get ya down.”

Siva and Max [who I just then noticed] chuckled along, clearly thinking it to be amusing.

“If you were screwing with me Nathan, I swear to God, Imma kill ya,” I threatened.

“Who said I was kidding?”

“Where’s he then?”

Nath nodded to the kitchen.

Liam stood there, leaning against the wall in black jeans riding low on his hips, a white waist hugging tee and a black leather jacket.

I felt incompetently dressed compared to him.

“Hey babe,” he greeted, smiling.

“Hey Li,” I rushed over and hugged him, releasing him only when Nathan cleared his throat. “Whatcha doing here so early in the morning?”

“I was wondering about the same thing,” Nathan inputted.

“Shh!” I shushed before facing Liam again. “Not that it’s bad or anything. I’m just startled.”

“I tried calling but you didn’t answer,” Liam said.

“Really?” I checked my phone and saw four missed calls dated minutes ago when I was lost in my thoughts. “Oh!”

“Yeah, oh…”

“So why are you awake so early? Last I checked you weren’t a morning person.”

“Didn’t have a choice. We have to be at the airport in forty-five minutes.”

“Uh… okay… Why?”

“Because,” Liam pulled me to him, an arm tightening around me like it was ever since that day. “Harry’s coming back.”





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