#BestMatesGirl [A #TG Sequel]

Two months has passed since Ally was branded as the elusive #TargetGirl. Two months has passed since she met One Direction. Ally Khrystn Sophia Wyatt is now dating one of Britain's heart-throbs, Liam Payne of One Direction and life couldn't get more perfect.
And well, it doesn't.
Now Ally couldn't get over the feelings she ignored. The feelings she could not act upon.
Her feelings for Harry could end One Direction. Could end her relationship with Liam.
Harry returns from his vacation in the Carribeans following his break-up with superstar Taylor Swift. He's unsure of why Liam isn't his normal self. Why is he pissed at a signal word of Ally? Why doesn't he want Harry and Ally in the same room?
And to make matters worse, Taylor Swift releases a hit single that just might shed some light on their sudden break-up. Tensions arise as friendships and loyalty are put to the test
#BestMatesGirl dwells on the trend started worldwide as the entire world discovers a hidden secret within the band.



WARNING: Before you read this please check out #TargetGirl The first book so you can get the entire story line :)


Liam’s POV


MY breath caught as I tried to make sense of my best mate’s words.

He lied? He lied? About what?

I tried to run through the years of my knowing Harry and any opportunity whatsoever of him being dishonest.

I caught Louis drilling into me with his piercing blue eyes as he tried to make sense of my and Harry’s private conversation.

I arched a brow at him, with my expression reading, ‘Can I help ya?’

I immediately Louis turned his gaze back to Zayn and Niall who had gone back to fighting over the remote control.

“Li?” I heard Harry question from the other end.

“Uh… about what Harry?” I asked, my voice insisting as my fingers tightened themselves around the phone encased in them. “What did you lie about?”

“I …” Harry started, and I knew the next words out of his mouth would make me wanna beat him to pulp.

The worst had happened.

He had lied and now … Now I know what about…



Hey stylies,


Hope you like it soooooo far....

Will try and put up the next chapter sooon....

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