#BestMatesGirl [A #TG Sequel]

Two months has passed since Ally was branded as the elusive #TargetGirl. Two months has passed since she met One Direction. Ally Khrystn Sophia Wyatt is now dating one of Britain's heart-throbs, Liam Payne of One Direction and life couldn't get more perfect.
And well, it doesn't.
Now Ally couldn't get over the feelings she ignored. The feelings she could not act upon.
Her feelings for Harry could end One Direction. Could end her relationship with Liam.
Harry returns from his vacation in the Carribeans following his break-up with superstar Taylor Swift. He's unsure of why Liam isn't his normal self. Why is he pissed at a signal word of Ally? Why doesn't he want Harry and Ally in the same room?
And to make matters worse, Taylor Swift releases a hit single that just might shed some light on their sudden break-up. Tensions arise as friendships and loyalty are put to the test
#BestMatesGirl dwells on the trend started worldwide as the entire world discovers a hidden secret within the band.


8. #BestMatesGirl


Best Mates Girl

Source: BritWeekly          Thurs, 10 Jan, 2013


You might wanna hold your breath Directioners.

The scoop of the century is here, involving our favourite boy band and a certain socialite Alisha Khrystn Sophia Wyatt, aka Ally, 18, who for the past two months ever since her run-in with One Direction, has been dating Liam Payne.

Of course, the delightful couple haven’t been seen lately in the ever watching eye of the public because; well… there was nothing to report… At least nothing too report until now.

Where’s the good stuff? You may wonder…

Well, here it is.

Harry Styles, 18 turning 19 next month, best mate and fellow band member to Liam arrived in the country this morning after a gruesome five days post break-up with American sweetheart Taylor Swift, whose album, Red was just released at the end of last year.

Harry declined any statement about their break-up as he arrived wearing a coat, jeans and an orange beanie. [See insert below]

The drama began minutes later when our reporter on the scene caught Styles staring intently at the fore mentioned Ms. Wyatt and later on hugging her for what seemed like forever.

The atmosphere in the arrivals lounge where the rest of the band and their girlfriends were could be described simply as… tensed.

Tensed and awkward.

Harry, who had discovered Ally two months prior, seems to find it hard to keep his hands away from his best mates’ girl, photographed clearly below as he tried to untangle a caught pendant as Liam watched on.

Why did Haylor break up?

Hmm…. Could she be the reason?

What does Liam think of it all?

Leave your comments below or follow us on Twitter @BritWeekly and sent us a tweet hash tagged #BestMatesGirl

In other news, Taylor Swift has been quoted by an insider as having already written five songs about her recent break from Harry. Even after only releasing her fourth album months ago, Taylor has already started to work on her next masterpiece. Click below for more!!!





@StylesFactor: @Harry_Styles is back… A free man J


@EhlKayy1D: Has anyone else read @BritWeekly ’s latest article on @onedirection?


@AllyLwwy: I did @EhlKayy1D


@EhlKayy1D: #BestMatesGirl @Harry_Styles liking @AllyKhrystN #RandomRumour


@AllyLwwy: True @EhlKayy1D #BestMatesGirl


@TakeMeHome1D: #BestMatesGirl??? @Harry_Styles @AllyKhrystN @Real_Liam_Payne


@Emma_Ehl_1D: #BestMatesGirl #BestMatesGirl


@EmmaLeigh1D: #BestMatesGirl #BestMatesGirl Harry liking Ally?? Oh shxt! #Drama


@StylesIsMine: No! Harry can’t like Ally. She’s Liams! He’s mine!

Shove that #BestMatesGirl shit down your throat



@BritWeekly: #BestMatesGirl trending… @Harry_Styles @AllyKrystN @Real_Liam_Payne @onedirection


@1DFanGirl: Why is #BestMatesGirl trending? What is it?


@LiamsPayne: @1DFanGirl… check out @BritWeekly ‘s latest article… #BestMatesGirl


@1DFanGirl: WTF!!! @LiamsPayne No…. @AllyKhrystN can’t have 2/5 of 1D liking her… That’s sooo unfair :/


@LiamsPayne: @1DFanGirl… Tell me about it grlfwen… UNFLACKINGFAIR :/





Source: The Trends        Fri, 11 Jan, 2013

Lately, as we all know, anything involving British/ Irish boy band one Direction is a big thing.

That didn’t change a bit as yesterday on social networking site, Twitter was all ablaze as the trend #BestMatesGirl became a world wide trend for the entire day as Directioners wondered what it meant.

The trend, started by an online magazine blog called ‘BritWeekly’, was based on their article claiming the existence of an unusual love triangle within the band between Liam Payne, his girlfriend Alisha Wyatt and band member Harry Styles.

Fans of the band followed suit minutes after the article was published with the tag #BestMatesGirl in order to post their thoughts on the matter.

None of the involved parties have come out with a statement on the matter and the band’s record company and management, Mode Management have both refused to give a comment when approached.

Alisha Khrystn Sophia Wyatt, 18, has done it again!

Ally, last year became tied to the band only known as #TargetGirl after Harry’s tweet before being revealed.


@Harry_Styles: It’s great to know what you think of me #TargetGirl


Ally, as she’d rather be addressed, has again caught the eye of the media and world as she becomes #BestMatesGirl.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this story as it promises to become even more… dramatic and juicy…

Check out some tweet by fans.


@AshKayy1D: #BestMatesGirl… yay!!! #TeamPayzer


@OfficiallyZiall: Payzer all the way #BestMatesGirl


@thewanted: Seriously? Why is BestMatesGirl trending? Nath… xx         


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