#BestMatesGirl [A #TG Sequel]

Two months has passed since Ally was branded as the elusive #TargetGirl. Two months has passed since she met One Direction. Ally Khrystn Sophia Wyatt is now dating one of Britain's heart-throbs, Liam Payne of One Direction and life couldn't get more perfect.
And well, it doesn't.
Now Ally couldn't get over the feelings she ignored. The feelings she could not act upon.
Her feelings for Harry could end One Direction. Could end her relationship with Liam.
Harry returns from his vacation in the Carribeans following his break-up with superstar Taylor Swift. He's unsure of why Liam isn't his normal self. Why is he pissed at a signal word of Ally? Why doesn't he want Harry and Ally in the same room?
And to make matters worse, Taylor Swift releases a hit single that just might shed some light on their sudden break-up. Tensions arise as friendships and loyalty are put to the test
#BestMatesGirl dwells on the trend started worldwide as the entire world discovers a hidden secret within the band.


9. A Cheesed Off Liam

Harry’s POV


“Hey Eleanor, can I talk privately to you for a sec?” I asked the brunette as we headed for the airport car park.

The others were already by the exit and Liam… well Liam was somehow different.

Where the others smiled at me and acted like they really were wholeheartedly joyous, Liam smiled at me half-heartedly, acting like he really didn’t like my being there. Where the others walked close by, in a comfortable distance, Liam strayed, staying a good hundreds yards away, awkward, tensed and … distant.

Louis raised a brow at me in confusion as he eyed his girl and me.

“Don’t worry mate. I ain’t gonna steal her,” I joked, brushing of his inquisitive stare.

He kept his arched brow, well arched.

And that… that there was the problem. The heart of the problem.

Louis not trusting me and being suspicious.


Why was Louis acting like this? Why was Liam?

No, wait…. Why the heck had everyone within hearing distance that I counted as friends tensed up at my joking statement? Why was everyone acting like I had just announced that I was a serial killer?

Eleanor shrugged and said, “I’ll just be a minute babe. You go on ahead to the car and we’ll meet ya there.”

Louis planted a kiss on her lips hurriedly before walking away only to stop about 200 feet away.

“What you wanna talk about Harry?” Eleanor asked, tucking her hands into the pocket of her coat.

“Did something happen?” I asked her, straight to the point, as my confusion darkened.

“What? What do you mean?””

“Why’s everyone acting all weird? Did someone die or something?”

“Nah. Nothing like that happened.”

“Eleanor, something happened. Liam’s… Liam’s… well Liam’s not Liam, y’know. He’s not being his usual self. He looks pretty cheesed off about something. He doesn’t even look that all too happy to see me.”

“What? No!” she exclaimed, exasperated and her voice a tad bit squeaky than usual. “No Liam’s… Liam’s glad you’re back Harry. Don’t be mental.”

She forced a smile my way.



“Stop lying. You suck at it. Why’s Liam cheesed of at me? Is it because of the little incident before I left?”

“Which one?”

“The nude thing… Y’know, my being naked with Taylor when Als walked in. Is he ticked off about that?”

“Nah… Not as far as I know.”

“Then why is he?”

“Haz, Li isn’t ticked off at you one bit.”


“I’m telling you Harry. Liam’s happy to see you.”

“Again, with the lying?”

“I’m not lying.”

“Yes, you are,” I argued. “Your cheeks are flushed, your voice is squeaky, and you’re sweating bollocks babe. So don’t tell me you’re not lying. Coz you and I both know you hate sweating and you only do it when you’re hiding something. Now spill, coz frankly, I can’t stand the odour of sweat, unless it’s done with… less clothing on,” I smirked at her cheekily.

“You’re a freaking perv Haz,” she snapped.

“You act like you’re surprised,” I pointed out.

“I’m not… Besides I’m not lying.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are Eleanor. What happened?” I prodded.

“Alright, alright,” Eleanor exclaimed, conceding. “I don’t really know what happened but a couple of days back… I think it was the day you ….hmm separated from Tay,” I flinched at the reminder; “The girls and I went shopping. When we came back, the lads were acting pretty much weirder than usual and all, and then well, that happened…”

“What do you mean? What happened?”

“Liam changed…He got all possessive of Ally… He was so paranoid of any guy talking to her then when news broke out of your break- up… him and the lads well they acted as if they knew all along.”

“But… that doesn’t make any bloody sense. I… I didn’t tell anyone here that we broke up until 2 days ago, when I called ya. I was pretty much to wasted after the break-up to call anyone,” I admitted

“Just calling them as I see them Haz,” she shrugged. “The lads weren’t that surprised by the news… so somehow they found out before ya called.”

“Okay… so somehow they found out, but that still doesn’t explain the fact that they… that they’re hating on me for some reason. Why are they… why are they acting like I’m a leper?”

“They’re not hating on you. Liam’s just… well; lately he’s been weird about Ally hanging around single…. Male and since your separation, you’re…” she let me grasp the thought on my own.

“Single? He sees me as… as a threat?” I asked, flabbergasted.

How could he? Why would he see me as a threat to him and Ally’s relationship? Didn’t he see how, into him she was? It was like a knife in the heart. Twisting, slowly, painfully hurting knife in the heart.

Eleanor nodded.

Why? I still couldn’t rub that feeling that thought of Liam perceiving me as a threat away.

“Why would he think that?” I echoed out loud. Why would he? Unless… Unless, someone gave him reason to. Unless…“ Wait, did you… did you tell him about me liking Ally? Eleanor, you… that was a secret.”

“I know it is. I didn’t tell him anything, you moron,” she sounded offended, and I was to blame. “I keep my trap shut Haz,” she snapped. “You know that.”

I held up my hand in a surrendering gesture. “Okay. I’m sorry El. I just… I don’t want one of my best mates to be holding a grudge on me.”

Eleanor gave me a sympathetic smile.

“As long as you don’t act on your feelings Haz,” she paused, her expression becoming serious before she added, “Liam will have no reason to be holding a grudge.”

I smiled at her reassuringly. “I don’t intend to El.”

She patted my shoulder and smiled. “Good to know Haz. Good to know. Now let’s go. We have a lot planned for today.”


  v  v  v


“Hey guys. I have to go run an errand,” I said to no one in particular after I downed a shot of vodka.

We were at Liam’s apartment, where a welcome-back-after-your-break-up party was being held.

They’d invited Paul, his fam, Uncle Simon, Lou, her fam, Josh and other friends.

“That’s not cool mate,” Andy exclaimed. It’s not good for the guest of honour… or whatever you are to be the first to leave.”

“It’s getting late Andy,” I showed him my watch.”

“It’s only ten, mate,” Andy countered. “The night is young and so are you.”

“Oh, come on… I really have an errand to run.”

“At ten?”

“It’s a different type of errand.”

“Ohhh… you cheeky, cheeky boy.”

Andy playfully shoves me.

I smiled slyly at him. “Oh no. None of that. I’m giving the relationship scene a wide berth after my last disaster.”

“You don’t have to be in a relationship to get any of that, mate,” Josh pointed out before planting a quick one on Becca, his girlfriend.

‘Hah hah aha ha’ Everyone bursts out laughing. Nervously as they tried to pass the awkwardness that had settled by the mention of my break-up on my part.

“Hmm,” I heard someone clear their throat. “I gotta go too babe,” Ally said to Liam. “It’s getting late.”


“Yes it’s getting late. I’ll drop you off,” I offered as I held out a hand in order to help her up.

Inches away from her fingers encasing mine, Liam’s hand reaches out and wrapped his fingers around her hand.

“It’s alright mate,” Liam’s eyes met mine as he said those three words, eyes smug in a Cheshire cat way. “I brought her here, it’s only right that I be the one to drop her back home. Besides… she’s my girl, Haz.”

I felt the atmosphere tense up for some unknown reason. I pulled my hand back, forcing a smile on my face.

“Of course Li. She’s yours,” I affirmed, staring straight at him as I thought, ‘How can I forget when you’re rubbing it in my face every two seconds?

“Let’s go grab a warmer coat for you babe,” Liam said to Als before eyeing me again. “I think I still have your things from the other night.”

I hid my face and the emotions I knew were clearly etched on it as I felt like Liam had just punched me straight in the gut.

The… the other night?

Did he… had he just said that?

Yes, my subconscious mind replied.

So that meant… that they… he… they’d gotten to third base. Lim ha d gotten to third base with her.

My mouth dried at that thought.

I shouldn’t be thinking like this.

Not at all… Especially with the fact that she’d –Ally had seen me in the nude a week ago with my girl--- ex-girlfriend.

I didn’t have any right to feel like this.

“Come babe,” Liam said as he tugged her towards his room upstairs.

I flinched before grabbing my coat and rushing out the door with a quick, “Gotta go!”

Eleanor sent me a sympathetic smile.

I ignored it.

He knew! He knew I liked her, I thought as I started my car.

But how? How did he find out? I wondered as I ran the red light two blocks from the apartment.





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