My Lovely Stalker

Sierra Benson. Being watched by a strange figure. Not enough detail to say if they are human. She named it lovely stranger because they only watch over her and don't dare to harm her in any way. She has never seen the face of the person or creature but later on she will be exposed to feelings she has never had before.


1. Sierra Benson

Days can go by and i wonder why my life is so boring and so uninteresting. Its comes out like a novel. Others with suspense and adventure have their words come out like a song. Not only that but the songs are different genres and lyrics of their own. I sit on the beach today with my journal that has Sierra Benson embroidered on the leathery cover. The waves and currents barley poking at my feet with nothing to lose. I come to this ocean every day to visit the spirits of my mother and father that once sailed on these seas. Of course that was before the tsunami of 2004 took them from me. Left me sitting in the same exact position I am in right now. In my journal i begin," June 5, 2013. I miss my parents. I will not cry for them because thats something they wouldn't want me to do." My parents always wanted me to accomplish strength. That was never something easy for me to do. I was weak emphasis on weak. There comes a day in every teens life where she wants to learn how to surf. I honestly really want to try, but the fear of drowning eats me inside. Though I would possibly get to see my mom and dad again. Still not a chance i am willing to take. 

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