The Rebellion

Alexanne Brinley Scott, the typical 17-year-old of year 3020. But that's all about to change. When Alexanne disobeys the extremely strict and obnoxious rules, she will get punished. But when she decides to run away from Brooklan City, she won't do it alone. With people by her side, they'll create a rebellion against Brooklan City. Will it all change when love is involved?


2. Prologue

Alexanne sat uncomfortably on the cold floor of the dungeon. She had been caught and was ordered to give a testimonial to Commander J. Simmons. He knew Alexanne was the mastermind behind the rebellion. He wanted to break her. He wanted to do the same thing Alexanne's father, Simon, did to his father. He entered the high security and modern security system of the dungeon. He smiled cruelly as he saw Alexanne finally looking defeated. She was tied to the bed beside her. Commander J. Simmons untied her. She looked at the floor.

"Nice to see you again Miss. Scott," said Commander J. Simmons sarcastically.

"What did you do to my father?" Alexanne asked in a whisper. Before Alexanne was trapped and brought to the dungeon, they had caught her family. Her mother, sisters, and father.

The Commander laughed.

"Do you want to know why I want to kill you?" Asked Commander J. Simmons suddenly.

He pulled out the weapon behind his back. Alexanne saw, the Glass Gun 2000. One of the most modern guns yet. 

Alexanne nodded.

"It was the year of 3005. Your father and mine were colleagues. Funny right? It was until my father, Clark Simmons, built his own gold refinery. He was wealthy by the first year profits. He called the company Simmons and Scott. But everyone forgot about Scott. After a while, my father kicked yours out. He called it the Simmons Gold Corporation. But your father was greedy. He wanted it all. So he killed my father!" Commander J. Simmons hollered at Alexanne as he grasped the Glass Gun 2000 hard in his hands.

"My father is not an assassin!" yelled Alexanne back trying to convince herself.

Commander laughed.

"What's this all have to do with me?" Alexanne asked.

"I decided to take my revenge someday. Today is that day my dear Alexanne," he said laughing.

"It's been 20 years! You were 17, now you're a grown man!" Alexanne shrieked.

Was this her end? Certainly. Commander J. Simmons grabbed the Glass Gun and aimed at Alexanne. How could she had been so foolish in believing Garret. Garret was just a trap Commander had set. Love was dangerous. She should have listened to Empire. The Empire's rules stated you could only love someone at the age of 20. Stupid rules. Alexanne wanted to escape from that. She turned back to reality and saw Commander loading the gun. She would never say her last goodbye to Simon, her father, before he got killed. (Another rule, you could only live until 50 years of age.) The room got quiet. Alexanne was trembling and Commander was taking position. Two loud bullets were fired and everything turned dark for Alexanne, as well for Commander J. Simmons.

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