The Rebellion

Alexanne Brinley Scott, the typical 17-year-old of year 3020. But that's all about to change. When Alexanne disobeys the extremely strict and obnoxious rules, she will get punished. But when she decides to run away from Brooklan City, she won't do it alone. With people by her side, they'll create a rebellion against Brooklan City. Will it all change when love is involved?


3. How to live your life

Alexanne woke up to another cloudy day. The thick, gray clouds lingered still in the air. The air felt humid and warm, embracing Alex to her bed.

"Ugh," she groaned as she slowly got out of bed. Her body was in total pain due to the intense workout session from yesterday. It wasn't as if she had a choice of whether or not to do them. She was obliged to.

Just as she finally climbed out of bed, two loud trumpet noises were heard all throughout Brooklan City. They were loud enough to wake everyone in the town. In fact, that's what they were intended for.

It was exactly six in the morning. Anyone who didn't wake up at the designated time or earlier would get a referral. Alexanne was kind of a morning person contradictory to most people.

"Honey, are you awake?" Alexanne heard her mother call from downstairs.

"Yeah mom. Thanks," Alexanne sighed and got dressed. Today was going to be terrible, she could tell. Today was going to be Career Election Day. But it was more like "Take what you get Day."

Everyone was to attend, even the poorest of everyone. Alexanne's family was middle class, they were rarely allowed to cross Path 17, so this was a big event. Path 17 marked the high class territories, and Path 10 marked middle class.

Alexanne brushed her tangled hair. She had dyed it red at the tips. They would surely complain and send her a referral. Not that she cared. She already had 4 other referrals and she needed 10 to get expelled.

And maybe today would be her chance to escape. If she got the good jobs, she would be able to get out. And even if she didn't, she would still try to run away. Whilst everyone is so hectic and listening with hope to their destinies, she could finally get away. Forever. No one would notice, no one would find out.


"Number?" Alexanne could hear guards ask people before her. 

"1,7,5,9," a woman in her twenties replied. Alexanne found it repulsive how normal civilians were given numbers in front of officials of the law. As she suddenly realized the line had proceeded and it was now her turn, she finally caught sight of the official in front of her. 

"Hello Alexanne," Demetrius Campbell's voice rang in her ears. He wore a smug smile and tousled hair almost any girl would fall for. But not her. Not in a million years.

He was a minor official, but still pretty important. That didn't change how much of a jerk he could be. He had tried multiple times to kiss Alexanne and tried touching her. It was terrible how corruption still went on at this point in time. 

"Hello, Kenton," I tugged a fake smile onto my mouth as he glared at me. He hated to be called Kenton. Kenton was his twin brother who had escaped alive months ago. 

"And you wonder why nobody likes you," he scoffed. That only made me laugh. 

"Oh, please. No one here likes you. They act like they do because they have to," I responded, pleased with myself. He clenched his fists and jaw as I tried to pass without permission. 

"Do not pass your limits with me," Demetrius hissed in a way that made shivers of fear tingle down my spine. He could be dangerous and intimidating as much as I hated to admit. 

I tried to pass again, only causing more commotions within different lines and multiple guards. They were all rushing to Demetrius' side for assistance. That's when I did the only thing that came to mind. Run.


Author's Note:

Cliffhanger oohh. You guys probably hate me for this 7 month movella hiatus. Some of you I've noticed don't even on here anymore. I promise I'll update when I can, okay? :))

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