My name is Luna Evergreen. I'm different from others. I'm a vampire. I go to school like any other teen but I have to be careful. I have many friends but they don't know my secret. Only my vamp friends know my secret. My vamp friends are Josh, Liam, and Tyler. There are also werewolves. They're our enemies. Two of our enemies are Peter and Max. They go to the same school as us. I have no idea why werewolves are our enemies but I'm bound to find out.


5. Organizing My Thoughts

Today is Thursday. At least tomorrow is Friday. I was waiting for the bus. I wish I didn't have to go to school today. I just really need to organize my thoughts. Lily knows what we are, We know that Tyler has a crush on Lily, I had a dream about kissing Josh and him asking me to be his gf, we need to finish our history project, and Lily wants to be one of us. I'm not nervous about Lily knowing that we're vampires. I know she'll keep it a secret.  Tyler needs to tell Lily that he likes her. I'll have to play matchmaker for them. I don't know what to do about my dream. We're almost done with our project. We only need to include why vampires and werewolves are enemies. I really hope we get a good grade on this and hopefully our teacher won't ask us where we got that information. Finally the bus came. I went to the back as usual. I sat next to Josh and across from Liam and Tyler. I gave Josh our baby doll.Josh was wearing a Giants snapback. I took it off his head and put it on. I lay my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. "Are you tired?" " A bit." "Did you get to sleep last night or did Ashley keep you up.?" "My stupid thoughts kept me up at night. I'm really tired. I feel like I have no energy at all. I feel like I'm going to fall asleep any minute." "Don't worry we're almost there. Then, you'll have to get up and walk to class." "At least I've got you guys. Anyways. Tyler have you told Lily that you like her?" "Ummmm.......No." "Are going to tell her sometime?" "Yea. Maybe after we're done with the baby project." "Cool." "Where's your baby Liam?" "Emily has it. She's taking care of it for 2 weeks and I'm taking care of it for the other 2 weeks." "Cool....." We finally arrived at school. I really just wanted to be back in bed and under my soft, warm covers. 

Class started, but I kept getting lost in my thoughts. I tried to pay attention but I couldn't. I kept zoning out every now and then until it came time for history class. We got into our groups again. Even though we still have like two weeks till this project is due, We've finished just about everything. We only need to get the information as to why vamps and werewolves are enemies. "I think that I can ask my parents for help on this. I'm sure they know about it." "What if the teacher asks us where we got the information?" asked Lily. "Well, I can just tell her that since it's like something that has to do with our families or something." "Sounds good." they said in unison. I payed a bit more attention the rest of the day. During health class we talked to our partners for half the time and to other partners for the other half. Finally it was the end of the day; the only thing I've been looking forward to. I went walking with the gang. We arrived to my house and I went straight to the kitchen for food. I was starving since I hardly ate anything. I only had a chocolate pop tart and a kool-aid juice. I got bread and nutella and made thirteen nutella sandwiches. I took them to my living room and went back to my kitchen for juice for us. We ate and drank our food. I took everyone to my room. We left our babies in my living room and made a bed for them....sort of. We came to my room and talked about our history project. "I was thinking that Josh and I could ask my parents. I could write down the information they give me." "Are you sure?" "Yep." It was 3:30. We get out of school at 3:00. "Do you have an answer to my question?" asked Lily, nervously. "I'm thinking yes. What about you guys?" "Yes." they said in unison. I took everyone to the second floor and into my library. 

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