My name is Luna Evergreen. I'm different from others. I'm a vampire. I go to school like any other teen but I have to be careful. I have many friends but they don't know my secret. Only my vamp friends know my secret. My vamp friends are Josh, Liam, and Tyler. There are also werewolves. They're our enemies. Two of our enemies are Peter and Max. They go to the same school as us. I have no idea why werewolves are our enemies but I'm bound to find out.


3. Myths or Reality? part 1

I woke up and did the usual. I waited for the bus to arrive at the stop. I got there just in time. I went to the back and found my 3 best friends all here. Lily's dad takes her to school,so she doesn't go on the bus. Josh and I told Liam and Tyler what they missed yesterday. We arrived at our big huge school and I ran to my locker to get my books. The boys were following me.We all got our books and left them in the class. I left with the guys to find Lily, so that Liam and Tyler could meet her. We found her and she told the boys how I 'saved' her. The bell rang and we headed for class. The day was great until history, which made me kinda nervous yet excited. Today our history teacher told us that she'd teach us about all kinds of myths for the whole week. It's going to be exciting. The thing is that if she talks about vampires, she's going to say all the rubbish that's believed to be true. It might be hard for me not to correct the teacher. I really don't want to make a fool of myself or get detention. She assigned us a group project. We had to be in a group of five. We had to choose a myth and write everything we knew about it. We were going to have to present it in class in three weeks. Ms. Doyle told us to get into groups and discuss our myth topics. I went to Lily's desk, followed by Josh, Liam, and Tyler. "So I was thinking we could do vampires.", I told everyone. "If we do, I'm sure it's going to be the best presentation.", said Tyler. I have a feeling that Lily needs to know what we are. I've been trying to figure out if she's a vampire, werewolf, or human. I can't tell which one she is, although she could be human. Some vamps and werewolves can avoid being detected by others. I need to talk to the boys about this. I volunteered to look up information along with Josh and Liam. Tyler an Lily were going to work on the background of the slides for our presentation and the pictures. The bell rang and we got our things. It was lunch. I couldn't talk to the boys now. Since Lily has been hanging out with us, I don't have time to talk much about our vampire secret. Lunch finally ended. I was trying to read a book. It was Twilight. It was a book that some of my 'fans' said I should read. I kept zoning out and I kept getting lost in my thoughts. Three times Josh asked me if I was OK. I got my chemistry books and headed for chemistry class. I didn't really pay attention during class. I'm really nervous about our history project now. The bell finally rang and I went straight to my locker. I left my books and headed to the gym. I went to my gym locker in the changing room and opened my locker. I took out my P.E. clothes and took off my polo and put on my p.e. shirt. I took off my shoes and jeans. I put on my p.e. shorts and shoes. I put my polo, jeans, and shoes in my locker along with my lock. I closed my locker and headed to the gym. I found the guys in the usual corner. I walked to them. They were talking about the project. "Hey guys." "Hey!!" "So I don't know about the history project. Since we're doing myths and all. I was thinking of telling Lily. She could find out sooner or later. I just think we should tell her." I'm nervous about they might say. "We were thinking the same thing." "Really? Whew. I was nervous about what you were going to say to me. I was thinking I could invite her to my house and you guys could come and we can tell her or show her. But of course, you're going to have to control your hunger." "Yea. Sounds like a good idea. We'll eat before she gets there." ,said Liam. We joined our class for roll call. Lily was sitting all alone in the front. I went to join her. I asked her if she could come to my house some day. She agreed to come tomorrow. Gosh now I'm nervous about two things. Mr. Payne said that today we're going to start playing soccer. He asked who wanted to be team captain. Many students raised their hands including Josh, Tyler, and me. Josh and Tyler got chosen as team captains along with 3 other students. Tyler's team is  Lily, Luke ( a very nice guy), Rosie( a smart girl in our p.e. and history classes), Tom( the school president), and Mary-Ann( very athletic girl). Josh's team is Liam, Ana( a human friend), John (human friend), Ivy (one of us), and me.  We went out to the field and Mr. Payne told us who we were against. We're against Tyler. I think Mr. Payne did that on purpose. We tied like 3 times. We were winning 13-10. Tyler had the ball and was about to score. I ran towards him and tried to take the ball away from him. Everyone was surrounding us. I kicked the ball but fell and tripped Tyler on accident. Josh took the ball and scored. I looked at Tyler and started laughing for no reason. He looked at me with a weird face and tried to hold in his laugh but failed and started cracking up. Soon enough the game ended. Josh scored the last goal. Our team cheered and kept high-fiving each other. I ran to Josh and hugged him. He hugged me back and twirled around. He put me down and went to tell Tyler and his team that they did a great job. I went and hugged Tyler and Liam and Lily. We all went back to the gym to change. I told Lily that she did an absolutely good job. We walked back to the school building and got our things for health class with Mrs. Patty. Mrs. Patty was telling us that we'd have to do a project about taking care of a baby for a month. So now we have to do 2 projects. The bell rang and we all left the class within 2 minutes. I went to my locker and put my stuff away. I waited for Josh to finish putting his things away so that we could go home. We said bye to Lily. We found Tyler and Liam at the front gate waiting for us. They said they'd visit me today to talk about everything that happened today. We talked about how we'd tell Lily about us, the project, and we were wondering who we'd be partnered up with during the baby project. Tyler said something that surprised me a bit. He said, "Guys and Luna, I need to tell you something." "What is it?", I asked. "Well... I like Lily. She' really nice,funny,and-" "Wait, you are aware of the consequences right?" asked Liam. "Yes, I am. I really like her." "Well that's alright. You'll just tell her tomorrow or some other day.", I told him. "Why tomorrow?"asked Tyler. "Well because if she's scared and thinks we might hurt her then you can comfort her. You can try to make her feel safe." "Great idea." They all left me at home and I finished the rest of homework. I can't believe that we're burdened with a lot of things. Many of which include our secret. I put all my stuff away and went to sleep.

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