My name is Luna Evergreen. I'm different from others. I'm a vampire. I go to school like any other teen but I have to be careful. I have many friends but they don't know my secret. Only my vamp friends know my secret. My vamp friends are Josh, Liam, and Tyler. There are also werewolves. They're our enemies. Two of our enemies are Peter and Max. They go to the same school as us. I have no idea why werewolves are our enemies but I'm bound to find out.


1. Intro

My name is Luna Evergreen. I'm not normal. I'm not like every other teenage girl. I'm a vampire. I know it's unbelievable but it's true. There are many more vampires around the world. There's like 200 alive. There's different types of vampires. Pure-bloods are vampires with vampires parents. Half-bloods have a vampire  mom or dad and a human mom or dad. Then there's those who were changed. I'm a pure-blood. We can be in the sun but not too long. And no we do not sparkle like little fairies like in Twilight. We can stay in the sun for at most 5 hours. We do drink human blood. We also drink animal blood. We can either chose only animal blood or only human blood or both. I chose both. I've learned not to drink too much from humans. I can take blood from humans without killing them. We have different powers. It all depends on our personalities. I have many powers. Invisibility, telekinesis, the four elements: earth, wind, water, and fire, force fields, and the power to heal others. All vampires have strength, speed, agility, acute sense of hearing and smelling, and shape-shifting abilities. We all heal incredibly fast. The only thing that kills us is a stake through our heart. I can also sense if someone is a vampire or werewolf.  Werewolves are our enemies. I don't why. It's like some sort of fight that happened  centuries ago. I'm barely started high school a month ago.. I have 3 great friends. No one at school knows my secret. My friends are Josh, Liam, and Tyler. They're also vampires. Peter and Max are best buds and werewolves. They go to the same school as me. I'm, super popular because I'm nice to everyone. No one bullies me or bothers me. Everyone's nice and cool. There's very few vampires at school. There's a bit more werewolves than there are vampires at school. 

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