My name is Luna Evergreen. I'm different from others. I'm a vampire. I go to school like any other teen but I have to be careful. I have many friends but they don't know my secret. Only my vamp friends know my secret. My vamp friends are Josh, Liam, and Tyler. There are also werewolves. They're our enemies. Two of our enemies are Peter and Max. They go to the same school as us. I have no idea why werewolves are our enemies but I'm bound to find out.


2. Bullying Gets Worse; A New Friend

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off. I got my phone from my mahogany night stand and turned off my alarm. It's Monday,ugh. It's 6:30 am. I went to my closet and picked out an outfit. Nothing fancy, just simple. I got my towel and flip-flops. I went to my bathroom and got undressed. I turned on the water. I waited for the water to warm up. I got in once the water was warm enough. I got shampoo and shampooed my hair. I rinsed it and conditioned it afterwards. I turned off the water and got my towel to dry myself with. I stepped out and put my clothes on. I went back into my room to make my bed. I put on my socks and converse. I went downstairs to the kitchen and made breakfast for my self. Even though I'm seventeen, I'm very independent. My parents decided to make me independent in case of any tragedy. I usually wake up,shower, make my bed, cook for myself, wash the dishes, and go to school. I made french toast. Vampires can do everything a human can. I also made myself some coffee. I went to my room to get my backpack and my phone. I left the house and was on my way to school. I wonder what surprises this day is going to have in store for me. I walked down the street to the bus stop and waited for it to arrive. It's 7:15 am. I usually get on the bus that arrives at 7:20. I kept thinking about what may happen at school today. Hopefully, our math teacher comes today. Her name is Mrs. Holland. My classes are : Math with Mrs. Holland  Science with Mrs. summers, Reading with Mr. Dandles, History with Ms. Doyle, lunch, Chemistry Mr. McCoy, P.E. with Mr. Payne, and Health Class with Mrs. Patty. All my teacher are nice,fun, and funny. Mrs. Holland has been sick and all we get are stupid substitutes. They're mean to us and are super boring. Of course, not all are mean. Some are nice but very boring. Mrs. Holland is my absolute favorite teacher. She's got the flu and has been sick for 3 days. I hope she comes back. Finally, the bus came at 7:25. Five minutes late. Oh well. School doesn't start until 8:15 am. Plus, the school isn't that far. I went to the back after paying. I sat next to my best friend Josh. I have 3 great friends, but they're boys. I used to have a friend who's a girl but she moved a year ago. I try to make friends that aren't boys but they're obnoxious, stuck-up, or they think they're all that. I've known Josh ever since I was 5. I've known Liam since fifth grade and I've known Tyler since sixth grade. They're really fun to be around. We can read each other like books. It's like we can read each other's minds. I love those guys. I sat next to Josh, who always goes on the bus like me. I have him and Tyler in all my classes. Liam is in most of my classes except for Health Class and Chemistry. I talked to Josh about how I miss Mrs. Holland. I'm so lucky to get the funnest teachers this year. In ten minutes we arrived at school. We got off the buss and headed inside. It's like My best friends are supposed to be close to me at all times because their lockers were next to mine and they were in most or all of my classes. We went to our lockers and got our books. We went to our classroom and left our books inside. We usually get to leave our books and do whatever we want until the bell rings. I left my backpack on my chair and went with Josh to find Liam and Tyler. We were looking for them when we came to a corner and saw a group of girls kicking another girl who was on the floor. I walked straight towards them. People are always bullying each other. They don't bully the popular kids though. "What are you doing?" Josh asked me. "What does it look like? I'm going to stop them. You know I'm against bullying. You can't expect me to stand around and watch people suffer do you?" "Well, no." I pulled them away from her. "Leave her alone!! What do you think you're doing?!! Why are you hurting her?", I said to them. "Well....Ummm........We have to go." I kneeled down next to the girl and helped her sit up. "Are you okay?" "Not really. Thank you for helping me. I'm Lily." "You're welcome. Wait...aren't you in all my classes?" "Yea. I didn't recognize you." "Me neither." "Why were they bullying you?" "It's because, they usually make me do their homework but I didn't do it last night." "I won't let them hurt you anymore. They shouldn't be doing this to you. When did it start?" "A week after school started and it's gotten worse." "The bullying got worse?" "Yeah. Some of them were my friends but they left me to be with them." "Do you want to be my friend? All my friends are boys. I only have 3 friends though." "Sure. Can you help me get my books?" "Sure." The bell rang and I helped her get to class. We got in and I helped her put her stuff down. The teacher got in the class to start class. Everyone else was in their seats except for me. I was still with Lily. I turned around to face the front and saw Mrs. Holland. Yes! Finally!!  I walked to my seat. Mrs. Holland was just staring at Lily. "What happened to you?", she asked Lily with worry in her voice. "I..." "She got bullied", I said, standing up. She stared at me and asked," Where you there? What happened?" "I got there and I stopped them from hurting her anymore." "Alright. Can you take her to the office so that she can get checked for any major injuries. And....Josh dear, can you join them?" "Yes, ma'am." Josh and I helped her get to the office. The school nurse took her to a room to check for any injuries and to clean her injuries. Josh and I waited in the hallway. I kept pacing back and forth. The halls looked so empty and eerie. It gave me chills. She finally came out and we took her back to class. Mrs. Holland told the whole class to not bully or she would give us detention. The rest of the day was great. During P.E. I played for half the period and stayed with Lily to keep her company during the other half. The day was over and Tyler hadn't come nor Liam. They were both sick. Josh came to my house to do homework. He usually comes to my house to do math homework.

Josh's P.O.V.

The day was great. Except for what happened in the morning. Lily got bullied. Good thing Luna stopped the bullying. At least she has a new friend,who's a girl. All she's had for a long time, has been us: Liam, Tyler, and myself. She needs a bestie to hang out with. She deserves it. She's a great friend. Any guy would be lucky to have her, except for the fact that she's a vampire. The four of us are. That's the bad thing.

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