My name is Luna Evergreen. I'm different from others. I'm a vampire. I go to school like any other teen but I have to be careful. I have many friends but they don't know my secret. Only my vamp friends know my secret. My vamp friends are Josh, Liam, and Tyler. There are also werewolves. They're our enemies. Two of our enemies are Peter and Max. They go to the same school as us. I have no idea why werewolves are our enemies but I'm bound to find out.


7. Asking for Answers

I woke up to Josh's face. He smiled at me, making his dimples show. His dimples made him look cuter. I got out of bed and got  an outfit to wear. I went to my bathroom to change. I looked in the mirror and looked at my messy, straight black hair with few brown highlights. I should dye the tips of my hair blue or green. I looked at my outfit. I was wearing a green tank top and blue jeans. I got out and found Josh wearing black jeans and a blue t-shirt. I brushed my long hair. It's goes half-way down my back. I put my hair in a side braid. I applied a bit of eye shadow and lipstick. I went out and put on my black converse. We went downstairs to eat breakfast. Thank goodness it's Friday. Josh made bacon pancakes. They're pancakes with bacon in them. We ate quickly and since we haven't had...blood, I got some from a refrigerator full of bags of blood that my parents keep on the third floor. I zoomed up there and got two. I zoomed back down, gave one to Josh, and gulped down the blood. We left to the bus stop. We got on the bus and told the driver,who's kind of a friend, that Josh would be waiting for the bus where I wait for it for two months. We talked to Liam and Tyler. We got to school and did the usual. We went to Lily's locker to ask her how she was doing. She said she was fine. Yesterday we'd given her animal blood instead of human blood-we don't want her to go on a killing spree. The day was the same.

When we all got to my house, I told the gang that me and Josh are an item. After that, Josh and i told the guys to help themselves to food till we came back. We were going to ask my parents about the werewolf vs. vampire situation. I went to my dad's office where he writes books. My mom does the same. I knocked on the door. "Come in." "What's wrong, princess?" ,asked my dad. "Nothing. I need your help for a project." "What type of project?'' "About myths. We're doing presentations on different myths. We're presenting them in front of the whole class." Silence. "What do you need help on?" "I need help on why vampires and werewolves are enemies." Can you wait in the living room?" "Yea." We left and I heard him walking out as well, but to talk to my mom. I just talked to Josh about how it might've started. Ten minutes later my dad and my mom joined us. "We can tell you, but you also need to talk to the werewolves. 

"A long time ago, we all used to get along very well. One day a vampire was born. He had a vampire mother and a werewolf father. He seemed to cause havoc everywhere he went. Everyone was scared of what he could be capable of doing. No one wanted to get the humans involved so everyone decided to kill him. Werewolves thought that it was our fault that that horrible child was born. His parents wept and wept every day and knight. One day the child was somehow back. The first time they killed him, they drowned him. He went to back to his house and told his parents that he was fine. He said that he was merely unconscious. His parents tried to hide him, but everyone soon found out. The werewolves killed his parents by ripping them to shreds. One of his vampire friends killed him with a stake. His friends got a stake and charged towards him. 'I'm sorry' was what his friend said before ridding us of him forever. Werewolves said that we could no longer be friends because of that. Some vampires agreed. Most didn't. We stopped being friends. If we were caught in their territory, they'd kill us and vice versa. We lost contact, trust, and our friendship.If you want to find out more, you can visit the werewolves.But let me warn you, they will try to kill you. Not all the werewolves will, but the ones that are in charge. Whatever you do, be careful." "Thanks dad." "Sure thing, princess." "Umm... I also have to tell you something." "What is it? Judging by your uneasy expression it's probably not good, huh?" "Well....I made a new friend who's a mortal. She used to be bullied. We're her only friends. We turned her....Tyler changed her...." "Are you sure about this? You can always change your mind. You know how to reverse it-" "I'm positive." "OK." You can go tomorrow for the rest of the information that you need. Be careful." "I will." "Make sure to keep your eyes open, sweetie. Never let your guard down." "I won't, mom. Oh. And another thing." "What is it?" "Josh is my boyfriend." "Oh my. Really?! Congrats!!" "Thanks. We have to go." "Ok."

We went back down and told the gang about the plan. Josh and I would go to seek the answers we need. The rest will stay behind at my house adding things to our presentation. If we need help, then I'll send a telepathic message to them. 



Sorry for the long wait, lovelies. As I said before, this week I'm going to have lots of tests. I might update if my teacher don't give me a shit load of hw. I'll try to update every other day after this week.

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