Look After You

Alissa Jensen was a broken girl, she is abused mentally and physically by her aunt and uncle. He mother and father died when she was 6 and has been living this life of misery and abuse for 12 years . The only thing that brings her joy is 1.) Writing 2.) Listening to music. Her favorite band none other than the world famous boy band One Direction. One day, when she is sitting in a Starbucks, after receiving a threatening text, she is approached by Louis Tomlinson.


1. She's Leaving Home

Chapter 1

October 13, 2012:

Today, my Uncle hit me really hard in my bad. I think he may have broke..or cracked a few ribs. I don't know, but it hurts and is hard to breathe. I can't wait until I am able to leave this hell hole. I just wish I would be saved; I don't care by who, I just want to be saved. I hate being called a ugly bitch, and a slut....those two adjectives don't even make sense being used for the same person. I mean if you were ugly, you wouldn't be a slut, and if you were a slut you wouldn't be ugly....well at least that's how it is in my eyes. I don't know about other people. I really ready for my life to just end, but then I remind myself that there are 5 boys that  love me and they would have for me to leave. So I stay strong for them. Them being One Direction; Louis, Niall, Zayn, Harry, and Liam. They are my everything. My strength, my reason for living. I have never relied on someone like this before. Like NEVER. And it kills me that I won't ever be able to meet them. London is such a big city, and there is no way we would ever run into each other like in the fan fics people write. That would be cool though. Like just running into them at a Starbucks and instantly falling in love. Well, bye for now, I guess. 

I was sat in my room packing. The clock just struck midnight. I was leaving. I don't know where I was going, but I am going. I packed literally all my clothes into one big suitcase. I didn't tell anyone that I was leaving, it would defeat the purpose...also I wouldn't want to feel any sense of remorse about not telling my friends I was leaving, which I don't, because they are barely my friends. I sat and looked at my room for a moment. I will not miss this place, I thought to myself. I won't miss all of the beatings, and arguing for 12 straight years. No one knowing that my "loving" aunt and uncle were pure devils in disguise. I stood up, losing my breath for a moment, as a result of my possible broken ribs from earlier today.

My uncle has lost his cool when I did my laundry wrong. No, not his laundry wrong, MY laundry wrong. Why the hell does it matter how I do MY laundry? Anyways, he got so pissed at me he pushed my against the wall really hard. Like hard enough to my a crack in the wall. I don't weigh that much, so he pushed me really hard. I didn't cry though. I couldn't cry...the impact took my breath away. I just stood up and redid my laundry...the way HE wanted it done. He is a jerk. I hate him. 

I checked the time again. Half past the hour. Perfect.  I grabbed my suitcase and my purse and left as quietly I could. I stopped in the kitchen and left a note that said, Goodbye. I am leaving and never coming back. You two have put me through too much, and I have had enough. I am not sure where I'll be going but, I know it will be away from you guys. Sincerely, Alissa. 

I folded the note and set it on the coffee pot. I walked outside. It was raining, and cold. Nothing new to me. I walked to the train station that was just a few blocks from my house. I will not miss Oadby at all. I walked up to the ticket place. "Can I get a one-way ticket to London?" I asked. "Sure thing." the lady answered. I gave her the money for the ticket. She handed me my ticket and I got on the train. 

I found a spot to sit and sat down. A man came around to check my ticket. I handed him my ticket and he did something to it. I wasn't really paying attention to him. "Miss?" he asked. I looked up at him. "One way ticket....leaving home i suppose?" he asked. He was a younger guy. Probably like 23 or 24. "Yeah." I replied, as he handed me my ticket. "Well, good luck then." he said. I nodded and turned my attention to the moving scene out my window. This was it. I was leaving home and never coming back. A smiled grew upon my face and we gained speed. 

~2 Hours Later~

The train arrived at Waterloo Station. I gathered my things and walked off the train. I walked through the turn style and a giant weight lifted off my shoulders. I am free now. No more abuse, no more misery. No more living a life I don't want to live. I was free from that life. I have my own life now.  

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