Rock me

This is a story about Lindsay, who meets Harry styles in a bar. Will they become more than a one night stand? Read to find out!:)


3. Waking up alone


~Lindsay's pov~


i woke up the next morning and turned over in my bed to see i was by myself. I shouldn't hav expected anything else like i kind of was but im sure he has many other girls in this world he would rather be with. As looked on my phone i had one new message from an unknown number. It read : hey it's Harry last night was great and ill be seeing you soon i hope!xx. Holy shit! I can't believe this! This was something worthy of calling my best friend Sarah for! But first i had to text harry back. I said : items great for me too and i will so be looking forward to our next time:) i hit sent and called up my college BFF. As she answered i yelled "holy shit Sarah you won't believe what happened to me last night !!!" "What?! Spill it now!!!" "I met harry styles at a bar and he bought me a drink and then we fucked!!! We fucking fucked Sarah!! That was the best experience of my life! " it was silent for a while and she was like " your hilarious" i screenshot our messages to her. "Oh my god you did fuck! Have you met the other guys? If you have you have to set me up with niall! If not i will kill you!!!" 

" whoa whoa whoa ... For now this is just a one night stand kinda thing and it probably won't be anything more. Beacause remember how i made that promise to myself not to ever fall in love agaid after what happened with Jared." 

""Lindsay get over that thing with Jared already! This is harry fucking styles!! Millions of girls around the world would kill to be you!!!"  

"Ill try but it'll be hard. And it will take a while to trust a man again..." 

" trust me it will work out and if not im here for you. Well i love you and ill ttyl cuz i gotta clean my house" 

"ok  thanks and love you too, have a good day Sarah" 

"you too lyndsay! Bye!!" We then hung up. Oh what a weekend..


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