Rock me

This is a story about Lindsay, who meets Harry styles in a bar. Will they become more than a one night stand? Read to find out!:)


2. At my flat

~Lindsay's pov~


  as we got back to the i unlocked the door and we walked inside. I showed him where the bed was and he laid me down on it. He kissed my lips and went down my neck and as he did he pulled my shirt over my head he went lower and pulled down my pants and i undresses him also. He kissed even lower which made me moan and he came back up to my face. He kissed me passionately and held my arms over my head and entered me, which made me moan once again. He started to grunt when he thrusted and i screamed his name. then i started to say "give it to me harder harry!" and he did. After we reached our high we seperated and we were both breathing hard. we then laid under the covers and an he asked me for my number. I gave it to him of coarse. After that we laid under the covores and went to sleep. 



~a/n~ sorry this is short :( and btw I've never actually done anything like this but i have read a LOT of fanfictions and if you have too im sure you'll understand😂 and thanks so much for reading this. Please like favorite and comment telling me what you think!! Thanks again!!

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