Rock me

This is a story about Lindsay, who meets Harry styles in a bar. Will they become more than a one night stand? Read to find out!:)


1. The club


Lindsay's p.o.v 



  When i have a bad day, the club is my favorite place to go. I get to dance and sing, meet new friends, and sometimes even meet a guy.  I was dancing to Gold when someone caught my eye... A guy was watching me dance. He had brown curls and his eyes looked like green orbs. He walked over to me as soon as  he saw i was looking back at him 



"hello love, would you like me to buy you a drink?" He said loudly over the music. "Of coarse!" I screamed back. This time i was sure this was Harry Styles but i pretended not to care. We walked over  to the bar and we ordered our drinks. As we sat down in the booth he asked "so where are you from?" "Right here in England" the waiter interrupted us with our drinks. "Thank you." We both said. She looked at Harry and smiled but glared at me. We continued our small talk and we were on our 6th or maybe 7th drink and i was starting to get a little tipsy. "In think ive had enough" i said as i finished my last shot. He smiled and said "do you wanna head over to my place?" Holy. Crap. Harry styles wants me!!! Inplayed it cool and said " we'll my place is closer so

maybe we should go there instead. "Sounds good to me." Harry said smiling, leaving a bill and tip and headed us out of the bar.

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