*Who do I Love

Emily is what you would call an anerage teenager, and of course she loved One Direction. Little did she know that a wish on a tiny star would change her lige forever. In life we always have to make decisions, and in her case she had to make a huge one. Who would she choose, Niall James Horan an Irish laddy or Liam James Payne a Wolverhampton boy. There is only on way to find out. So i encourage to take the offer and see who she chooses… Enjoy ;)


2. Does This Always Happen???

As soon as I got into the school i was immediatly shoved to the side by girls who were following the 1D lads. As I was getting up off the locker i felt someone pull me up to them. I refocused my attention annd saw that Niall was helping me up. I swear i could feel my cheeks heat up . He just smiled. "Sorry beautiful, it tends to happen a lot. You get used to it I guess." he gave me a short smile."Its ok Niall. Im used to it anyway. Does this always happen when you guys walk into a room? i said rubbing my arm. He nodded and then said," may i have the beautifuls name?" he said cheekily. I told him who i was and he complimented me and blushed. Time seemed to stop for that shprt period of time. He was just looking into my eyes about to say something when a girl came over and pulled him away. I chuckled to myself and continued making my way to first period. I glanced down at my schedule and went to the room. I made my way to a seat in the back of ythe room so i could be invisible like i was any where else. As i sat down, Harry Styles sat next to me making me squirm a little he laughed and whispered to me:" this is going to be an exciting year." he winked at me and turned to face the front. I sat back and hoped for the best. Then i thought to myself… maybe it wont be that bad. As tge end of class came girls surrounded Harrys desk. I smiled and leaned over and said," does this always happen?" he just nodded and looked away after winking. Poor Styles. *Ring ring* finally ofc to the next class. (A/N) this one seemed longer and there might be errors but tell me if u like
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