*Who do I Love

Emily is what you would call an anerage teenager, and of course she loved One Direction. Little did she know that a wish on a tiny star would change her lige forever. In life we always have to make decisions, and in her case she had to make a huge one. Who would she choose, Niall James Horan an Irish laddy or Liam James Payne a Wolverhampton boy. There is only on way to find out. So i encourage to take the offer and see who she chooses… Enjoy ;)


1. A Simple Wish…

*Beep Beep* The sound of my alarm clock nearly gave me a heart attack. I slowly looked over at the time and groaned loudly whilest falling on the floor stretching. "Emily come on it is the first day of school, get ready and lets go." Jeesh my mom sure knew how to change a mood and fast. I got dressed in no time wearing my red skinny jeans, striped shirt, and my toms. I went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and my hair letting it fall down in its natural curls. I soon walked down stairs looked at my mom and walked out the dor with her following behnd me. As I made my way to the car I looked up ate sky... Suprisingly it was still dark I saw a star, it twinkled in a special way. And so i thouf ght to myself what the heck it wouldnt hurt to make a wish. So thats what I did. As we pulled up to the school I saw that a crowd of people formed at the front of the school. I laughed and quickly said goodbye to my mom so i could go see what the hubbub was about. And as I approached the crowd I saw them… One Direction. My wish came true. I quickly looked up and saw my star, it twinkled at me. I smiled and made my way into the school. Man, was I lucky?? (A/N) - sorry if it suks ill try to improve on the next chapter. Anyway tanks for reading… if u did
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