Who Am I Now?

This is a One Direction fanfiction. Yeah! so if you don't want to read it then don't.
What happens when One Direction get a helper in their band? Will their be romance? frustration? hate? disappointment? drama? *wink*
Really wil there.
You know I'm just going to wing it soo yeah......


9. Chapter 8

"Raine, come with me" said Niall. We ran upstairs to his room. "What's up Niall?" I said. "Can you tell me now?" He asked. He sat down on a chair in front of the bed. I just laid down in the bed. "Well you see. The person I was fighting she's my cousin" I scratched my head. "Go on." Smiled Niall. "Well she used to be my closest friend and now she's really bitchy." He raised his eyebrow. "Yeah and she always tries to make me look stupid but I don't know why" I put my head in my hands and stayed there in silence for a few seconds. "So why don't you try to find out?" He asked. "I'm not sure. I don't know why I never asked but I would never have the chance. Her friends are worst than her." He stood up and sat next to me on the bed. He rubbed my back and then got up again. He walked to the door making a hush face and swung it open. In feel four boys one by one. I laughed at the sight. I took a picture tweeting. Then someone tweeted back saying 'can you guys do a video diary?' "Yo Niall, Haz, Lou, Ze a fan wants to know if we can do a video diary?" I said. " why do we do one later when we are officially on tour." Commented Liam. "Ok" I said. I went back to twitter. 'We'll do one later. Promise' i tweeted. Next thing I know #1DVideoDiariesAreBack. "Guys, check what's trending on twitter" I yelled from the kitchen. They started to scream but I put my ear phones on and started to listen to music. I made some pop corn and sat on the couch with the boys. About thirty minutes later I checked the time. "Dudes. It's about time to leave" i said as I took out my left ear bud. They got up and ran around stuffing everything into the van outside.We got everything inside and headed to the airport. We got their and got our stuff. I got in and sat on the window seat the sat Niall and Josh. josh, I really didn't meet him until we got to the airport. "Do you like the view?" asked Niall. Yeah, it's nice." I said as I glared at him. He smiled and I looked down then back to the window. I fell asleep in few minutes. I woke up a couple of hours later as the plane landed. "Did you like your nap?" teased Josh. "Yes. I had forgotten to take my beauty sleep earlier." we laughed and walked out. Of course there were paparazzi outside. They're One Direction the band that won an award for global sensation. We went and got our stuff and ran off so we didn't have to take any pictures and get questioned or anything. We got into a limo and went off to a hotel. "guys" I waited for their attention. "How did the paparazzi even know what plane we would be on?" I asked. They all looked at Harry. "Did you tweet it?" I asked. He smiled. "I guess I'm right." I said as I let out a sigh. "Guys can we get settled and then do the video diary?" I asked randomly. "Why don't we do it right now instead?" suggested Liam. I smiled and replied saying, "that sounds great."

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